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Part 24: Turn 24

Turn 24. 2 years.

And, uh, dang a lot of events.

We get some Evocations research! Mostly only useful above water

We even find a few sites!

Hot starfish in your area for +1 fire gems a month.

That's a +1 water and +1 air.

The first fight is actually Jotunheim going into some Phelgra PD

He has sacreds but noone to bless them here. Weird. Probably a bad sign.

They still roll right over the human sized PD though.

The next fight is me clearing those tritons in the north. TRAITORS!

Hey wait get away from my commander!

Ok, phew. Having the guys on guard commander saved me, barely, from an embarrassing defeat.

Last fight is Nazca attacking into Asphodel.

We get to see the Nazca bless! Awe, huh there is a lot going on here. Some blood, some water, some earth, some astral... Some crazy rainbow god going on here.

Here is the sacred. He even comes with a magic weapon!

They stomp some PD and leftover manikins.

OK it is event time.

Ok I'll take it. Please don't be rebels.

Kraken conservation!

Whatever who cares about ruins.

I guess they moved to that other province mostly.

This will probably never be relevant but sure


It looks like Phlegra is seiging Jotun's cap. I am beginning to think my amber clan clear army should grab some of those coastal indies near Jotun while they are doing a war, actually.

Also this Naz/Aspho skirmish is kind of close to Phelegra's cap.

I am moving some anti Phaecia stuff over to the east, moving my anti-amber army north to maybe the Jotun coast. Moving an army to the southeast to clear that indie triton thing, and, depending on diplomacy and army power, maybe just walk overland to the big lake to the east of Nazca/Asphodel and set up a fort there and an EXPANSION KINGDOM or something. See what I can get away with.