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Part 25: Turn 25

Turn 25.

25 turns of this.

First off here is the Enchantment levels 1 and 2. Personal regen is good for my god! Any sort of high HP nature mage really. It stacks with the regen bless.

The forest of delights on that island is a +2 nature gem site. A nice find.

This Asphodel fight has something closer to an army but its mostly PD.

The description of a Carrion Lady is metal as hell though.

Anyway uh Nazca still has that cool bless sooooo


Anyway over here Jotunheim is breaking the cap siege he brought a ton of guys and we get to see the bless!

Regen is the no brainer bless for this nation. Meat wall giants love more HP it is one of the only things they have going for them.

Also this Gygia has this nifty thing to boost astral for all wizards on the field by auto casting Light of the North Star.

This climactic battle is versus...

can i get a price check on one helote warrior? one helote warrior?

Without a commander he flees immediately. Cap secure. This war is certainly turning around for Jotunheim.

Anyway on to events...

Jaws is a lot scarier when you live underwater I guess.

Rebel scum!

Luckily I was walking troops through that province.

There were losses but well worth the result. In time the rebellion will be put down.

The overview-

We find Asphodels cap with Phaecia on it!!!

Phaecia seems to be massing troops on its forts. I advance toward his UW holdings and also move to go get some surfacer stuff near Jotun.

We find Ctis finally! I didnt realize it wasn't more Eriu for awhile. Samey flags

i hope u like miasma!

C'tis is played by jsoh aka forums user 'violent sex idiot' aka 'samog' in chat logs but not the real samog. C'tis is an Egyptian lizard person nation that loves swamps and miasma and death magic. They don't have much in the way of sacreds but they can hire Marshmasters from any fort who are very versatile skelespam mages. Once C'tis hits enchantment 5 for Horde of Skeletons they power spike hard. As a bonus their dominion candles can disease any unit that isn't coldblooded or sacred to C'tis and also it improves their income per candle. The C'tis dom push is real, my friends. They're a fun and reasonably balanced nation.

Orders overview. land fort is upgrading near Eriu and Nazca. see how this goes. I hope they tolerate it.