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Part 27: Turn 27

Turn 27

We got some battles, two of them are spied enemy capital province fights so lets hope for some razzle dazzle here. I also get construction 4 and I will show the items as i make them so probably next turn you will see 'em!

but first this message from our sponsor

I guess there might be some sort of CONFLICT here. Some sort of HIDDEN MESSAGE but maybe someone in the LP audience can help me figure it out.

blah blah clearing indies in the SE noone cares

razzle dazzle

Hell yes here we go.

On the Phlegra side we get to see one of their cool Tyrant dudes. Look at this beast. They can thug it up some but this one is on wizard duty. He has some fire gems to cast...

FLAMING ARROWS every one of those helotes is packing javelins that count as projectiles so this is going to be pretty withering. MA giants aren't straight up vulnerable to fire like EA ones but an extra 6 damage or so per hit is going to add up really fast regeneration bless or no.

"Men, I need you to form a straight line and maintain it marching toward the enemy."

"Yes. Good. Excellent."

This actually seems to prove pretty bad for the giants here, as they start to politely single file into the blob after hitting their preset advance limit. It lets the javelin dudes focus fire better.

The giants finally complete the flank attack but their center line has fallen apart and the bunches of giants are easily peppered with ranged attacks while they slowly try to chop one man to death a turn. The Garmhirdings are berserkers and fight to the death. A lot of the helote squads morale rout but not nearly enough.

The non berserker giants retreat.

This is pretty fatal looking. Could Jotunheim have done better? Maybe. Better enough to win the fight? I don't really think so. Having the big line be two separate groups so it wrapped better might have dealt more damage but this one was probably foregone by this point. The Jotunheim wizards retreat into the fort but at this point it is mostly just wearing down the siege strength of the capitol fortress.

Next is my attack into Phaeacian UW stuff. I had spoken to Howareu about this earlier.


how are u
no PD there
adds 150 PD

I am sort of operating on the assumption that you might spike it

how are u
yeah you have a p large force
large enough to make me not happy

50PD of merrow isnt gonna stop shit

how are u
i've half way come around to the fact that i am not going to get my cap circle
but parking armies in it is going to mean a fight at some point

you bought yourself a lot of extra time with it
i mean it isnt parked it is choo choo chewing though

how are u
better be!
and templing up my cap circle is going to mean war too

oh no
how will i defend myself beneath the waves

how are u
i'll stand on the shore and yell
d i p l o m a c y

the absolute madman

i warned you bro

note to make a photoshop of the sweet bro and hella jeff but it is i warned you 50 pd of merrow won't stop shit

Back in the Jotun region we hit some barbarians. I love land.

The results are predictable in a good way.

Okay so this fight in Asphodel is a result of Phaecia baiting out the AI because the AI is colossally dumb in some(most[all]) respects. It saw that Phaecia had a single scout on its cap so it attacks with EVERYthing inside the cap to clear it. It will fall for this 100% of the time. Phaecia moves its army back in on the same turn so they fight everything in the fort.

Everything in the Asphodel cap piles out to fight without the help of its cool walls and archers. Tactics!

The Phaeacian force.

And his bless. It's low key and workman like. It's perfectly fine.

The sacred troop of Phaecia. They're pretty good, as Howareu has gone over before.

And his prophet. Hello. He is hurt because of the candles difference between the province he was in last turn and the one he is in now.

He has this sword? Probably from a random event. The flavor text is pretty cool.

The first volley from the sacred centaur vine monsters of Asphodel reminds us that their bless includes wither weapons.

He has some storm wizards casting lightning. The orichalcum guard chew through the manikins and rout the asphodel wizards.

At the end of the fight, though, the withering takes place all at once. die DIE DIE!! Yes!
Every 5 popping up here is 5 years of aging.

The survivors flee into the capital fort which I expect will fall next turn.

Ok event time.

Magic fish gems. I love magic fish now.

Cabins... underwater? Well okay if you say so I'm not an expert here.

:googles 'lapidation':


In this zone I am turning back after clearing the province. I talked to Nazca and I don't think I can get over there without a huge fight. And his dudes are too mobile. It's a shame but I don't want to press it yet.


hello in a turn or two can i walk overland your territory to get to that other lake to the east

Negative it's already taken
You should have plenty of backyard though being the only uw
Are you allied with phlegra?

water expands to fill
did U take the lake

I have troops mopping up assfondle, but phlegra is unresponsive. Concerned

I am mostly taking advantage of phleg crippling jotun
phleg is on jotun cap
so probably busy


possibly vulnerable!

Who is North of me again?
I'm mobile and can't look

I think

Assuming you're allies since I've seen no battles
People are trying to make deals right now and your name keeps cropping up

besides you know

I've not said much as you're my friendly neighbor

being big UW

That's basically it

Like what are they even going to do
drown at me

That's basically it

I have no strategic resources worth the bother to steal

Alliances are forming against you fyi

Probably Phaecia
because they are an island and shook as heck

Not because your land is valuable but because you can sit back and get fed until late game

there will never be a late game


the throne settings are too fucked up

I fucking hate thrones
They're a bad game mechanic
kremeth game

In the Jotun zone there is a bit going on. I am expanding to the west but look who showed up! Phaecia! Also the jotun fort is not broken so the siege will continue there.

I have an epiphany here that my prophet is in big danger here. If Phaecia is not asleep at the wheel. Seeking arrow CAN strike underwater and in the deep candles here he has 1hp. I have other commanders to spread the risk though, and am hiring an indie to give another potential target. I don't know that he'll try it but it is a risk to hedge against and I move my normal priest up to bless in case the worst happens

The scout goes east!

Orders. Moving dudes toward combat theaters. Finishing upgrades in some of my forts. A lot going on... for other people!