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Part 28: Turn 28

Turn 28

A few fights and events today ok lets do this.

Conjuration is the Good Stuff under water. Conj 5 which is next is elementals with which you can pretty much steamroll over whatever. If there was another water nation I would have gunned right for this and killed them but there wasn't so I didn't.

We find a clam field for +1 pearl and +30 gold.

On this really temperate looking day honestly this is all that the indies have. I want to stress this isn't the tatters of an army fleeing me this is them charging right at me.


Indie merrow in Phaecia theatre.

They fare no better than the last batch.

Phaecia scout pings Asphodel again. He is being VERY cautious here. More than I would be. Sometimes you just gotta storm.

Now onto events.

Smile, you son of a...

Heck, nice! I love prospecting now.

Uh, holy shit that's an incredibly good event. +50 gold forever (adjusted for scales).

The overview. Phaecia didn't try to murder my prophet so we are smooth sailing there I guess. Things are going generally well in the forever expansion.

This army will go clear the UW down so we border that throne on the coast at least. You need thrones to win! Also there is a site on the province we just found?

Heck, I'll take it. we have a lot of N gems. We might think about some nature globals one day.

Our research in general is taking off with the coastal research mages and just general mage infrastructure business. I may go for construction 6 sooner rather than later.

Speaking of construction I made these and put them on my god for now-

The regenerating ring stacks with his bless so he heals 20% a turn in his candles. If he is taking damage though I've probably messed up. If anything this is just a hedge against some weird assassin event that will probably never come. Oh god don't let that be unintentional foreshadowing.

I found west TC. He looks big, actually!

He... has to be going for it now, right?

I will try to set up a fort in the woods here and I am diving back into the sea to get eyes on that other UW throne.

And that's the overview. We're bypassing the amber clan for now like rank cowards to get a slice of the surfacer pie. A bit quiet on the other fronts after those cap battles last turn. Jotunheim and Asphodel are as good as dead now, though.