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Part 29: Turn 29


I'm beginning to feel sorry for marginon

what the

Anyway it is Turn 29

This looks pretty unremarkable on the face of it.

The classic double vent as the kids say. Each of these is +1 pearl a turn.

Another +1 pearl site. Pearls galore.

We dive back into the sea on the other side of those amber clan in the Jotun zone and yeah they had no chance.

Jotun is attempting a breakout and this looks really one sided. I almost just kind of fast forward through it but I wonder what the stick guy has for paths and...


Haha ok and he's the prophet too but then why give him a shroud when he should be auto-blessed anyway? Well anyway is he a GOOD THUG let's see. It's time to be judgmental.

A heart finder sword is sort of cool but probably not ideal for killing 1000 chaff. When you hit for like 35 damage they gonna die no matter what
like so-

The sword is more of a counter for thugs like Phelegra's Tyrants.

This is better than nothing! The counter curse probably does not matter because, again, an increased affliction chance doesn't really matter to someone who is dead in one hit regardless.

Ok the fear hat is actually good as he will want to break the morale of the cowardly slaves for the rout.

This is sort of pointless for a prophet and depending on their natural armor possibly worse. It has 0 encumbrance I guess. In case you are unfamiliar, the shroud makes it so the unit always carries the bless of their Pretender God, even if they are not sacred themselves. A prophet is innately always blessed though.

Reinvigoration is good as you don't want to get too tired killing one troop at a time.

My thug verdict- He is OKAY but... uh without fire resistance he is probably hosed because...

The flaming arrows(javelins) caster is still there.

About this time I notice that uh hey why are some helote warriors all purple is that decay?

:a second thug appears in the bushes to my flank: clever girl

haha oh my god check out the flavor text on this thing i love it


The Doom Glaive is my new favorite thug weapon.

Anyway, uh, things don't go so hot. Doom Glaive guy goes down in a hail of flaming javelins. The prophet thug WHO DOES NOT HAVE A COOL NAME BY THE WAY catches a chest wound and his morale breaks. The dude flees back into the fort


i cant even

The capital remains seiged but not breached for now. The thugs killed like 6 dudes between them which is not a good look.

I clear more indies in the phaecia zone.

On to events!

Um... ok challenge accepted.

Being a slob continues to pay incredible dividends.

I love trade now.

RIP he caught a disease of old age last winter I think. Diseased units lose 10% of their hit points every turn and do not recover lost hit points at the end of every month like (most) normal units do.


I am moving down this way now also hey it is Vanheim.

This is the site in the province I just took. Resources are nice for me and water gems are always useful.

Behold Vanheim who is AI apparently now but apparently it used to be Cryle BreadBread. Vanheim is one of those glamour elf nations that makes them hard to see on the strategic map and also have the benefit of sailing which can make them even more irritating to deal with if there is a sea. Vanheim, and most elf nations, are considered pretty strong. They tend to have good sacreds and good wizards and a lot of mobility. This Vanheim clearly wasn't able to leverage these things as well as they hoped. The good van troops tend to be a bit spendy too if I remember right.

I am about to make a fort here when I notice my mermage is diseased... but he isn't an old man. Then I notice the death scales on the province. WELL OF PESTILENCE I guess. I move my dude SE to make the fort there instead because nnnnope. The Well of Pestilence is a site that gives +1 death gems when found but also spreads diseases and increases the death scale in the province it is in. If you see a weird high death rating in a province it is probably because of a Well, but there are other less fatal sites that can add death (Dying Forest, a nature site, comes to mind).

Going into this new sea area here. Gonna stretch out. So luxurious. Forevereal expansion. Going to get eyes on the throne and probably set up a fort here too.

Orders overview. I am going to start massing some troops in the south ocean too. Maybe I can lunge the Zeus throne there, or lunge whoever does.