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Part 30: Turn 30


Why does it have to be a complex turn that gets eaten by the patch

how are u
oof that's no fun
when i've lost a turn in the past i figured at least i'd made all the decisions already, just had to remember them all lol

Oh it resubmitted my turn when I connected
That was easier then expected
@how are u I did like, mage scripting and army shuffling and so on, it would have been a pain to redo by scratch on my phone.

are u playing dominions by tunneling to your computer from your fone
thats badass
real junkie shit

how are u
lol wow

turn 30!! This is where I begin to consider doing the LP with a 30 turn heard start but I don't because I was very busy.

Looks quiet...

Conjuration 5! This has some Good Spells

Most notably this. I should never really lose a real war underwater now. Not for a long time anyway Water elementals are extremely real.

While expensive, I will start using this to do some site searching

One day I will run out of UW indies

One day. I will probably just start phasing out screenshots of boring indie fights at this point.

Ok now this is just weird. How many times you gonna ping this, buddy? He can't hire anything. Maybe he was looking out for a revived god?

That is mysterious. I hope they're okay!


I will give this to some wizard someday so he is less likely to drop acid on my own troops.

Too real.

Nice! I love a good harvest.


This throne looks very soft. I am oing to expand toward it, ping it with a random commander and then probably go for it.

There are a lot of dudes here. Maybe TC and Shinu are up to something?

I made a booster. This robe gives water breathing, +1 to water paths and provides barely any protection.

Playing pretty princess dress up is the main reason you pick a titan god chassis.

The overview. I am inging the amber clan province while I bring up some troops who I will join with some water elemental casters. Also in Phaecia land I am moving some water casters up. I am also launching an attack on those indies near Jotun zone. I will start a fort on the land and also one in the new west lake past the amber clan.