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Part 31: Turn 31


Rip aspho

.tags naksu

naksu: impossible coward, more like asph-no-del, foiled again, how are u

how are u
rip aspho, good riddance to bad rubbish

dont sign your posts
ladies and gentlemen, we got him

how are u

please suggest it in until i preach it up differently

Turn 31

Voice of Tiamat finds nothing and Construction 5 has nothing relevant. Great. Good effort guys.

Some other sites are found by my NON LOSER minions-

That is +1 pearls, 30 gold and +1 water there. A fine haul.

Another +1 water gems. Making it rain... rain.

We have some dull undersea clears-

I hit this land cavalry though!

Cavalry is an early game terror for expanding armies. They run up, hit your tiny starting army or god real hard once, manage the 1% chance or whatever tiny to give your big bad bull a fatal bleeding wound and they are harder than your average unit to hit and put down.

But I got a bunch of soldiers and it isn't the early game.

I win! This secures a ring of provinces on land around the fort I am making on land right now.

I ping the amber clan province finally-

This guy has a cool weapon I guess. Useless but cool.

There are a lot of them. But I think we can learn this up with water elementals. You can clear most things up with water elementals beneath the waves.

its happening dot gif

Asphodel does not have enough dudes or enough research to survive this.

The Phaeacians bust in easy enough. A bunch of dryads casting 'one skeleton' just is not going to cut it here.

RIP palisade

RIP Asphodel.

Hahah did everyone just drop their eyes here or what?

I love this beach. This thing is good actually. Spell penetration is great for casting the good astral save or die spells.



Welp. Actually this thing isn't that scary because it can only kill one dude per round basically.

Well ok, not ideal.

My prophet FINALLY racks up enough experience points to get into the hall of fame. Strength is a pretty marginal boon, though.

My prophet army moves to take the last bit of that string of water provinces. My other army will combine with some water wizards so we can destroy the Phaecian super PD province with elementals.

Going to get a border on the throne and oh hey marignon!

Home of the exploding sacreds.

MA Marignon is a pretty fun nation that can hire all kinds of sacred troops all over. You can mass flagellants pretty easily or opt for the more expensive but also more dangerous sacred cavalry unit that you can also hire in any fortress. Unlike a lot of nations Marignon isn't limited to its capital when it comes to hiring sacred line troops. Marignon is played by Ganjalf the Purple sometimes 'burgundy samog' in chat logs. Marignon has good astral and fire access and massable crossbows. They even get bonus bless points. They are a strong nation in my opinion and there are a lot of good hellbless options for them.

I am going to clear out that serpent. Also hey there is an Ulm stack puttering around I see. Nazca also put up a fort by the land throne.

Oh hey I think I know where Ulm is moving. Looks like this TC fort is about to crack too. LETS GO WATCH :moves scout:

Overview. I am moving a stack with elemental casters to clear the amber clan into position for the next turn.