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Part 32: Turn 32

Turn 32


Behold the first global. Mother Oak will produce 10 nature gems per turn for the nation that casts it until the global is dispelled or the caster dies.

Plus one earth gem my friends.

Someone lost a tunnel so we get 1 pearl a turn.

OK so Eriu is definately fucking with me here because he is the only nation with spies nearby. I am pretty sure

Some underwater indie clears.

The sea serpent is easily overwhelmed.

Phaecia attacking into... some spiders led by troll shamans? Man, there must have been a wild indie attack here earlier.

They aren't anything special. Web can net enemies (nets and webs even have the same sprite) but this is the Phaecia anti-asphodel army and spiders are soft targets and the smaller ones are incredible cowards.

The little ones are running already.

Minimal losses.

Okay the main event Ulm is storming this TC fort. Look at these beautifully organized lines I love it. Real A+ aesthetics here.

TC is not really organized at all and has poison cloud guys standing in the middle of infantry so that's not a great start. They might have just been summoned this turn.

Oh hello TC's god is here. An immortal Phoenix!

We are in TC's candles so it is blessed. A minimalist bless here. TC doesn't have great sacreds in MA.

Ulm has a bless and oh hm +50% cast range that is a bless alright. That is a good Ulm bless.

So Ulm has researched Iron Blizzard. I am just gonna pop some screenshots down and let them speak for themselves-

Dying to friendly poison clouds is not likely here...

"we will fight in the shad- oh fuc-"

...because everyone is going to get shot to fucking death by bullets

its fukken incredible

TC routs because of sheer HP loss from all their beasty HP pile monsters dying. They had flaming arrows but Ulm dudes are heavily armored and the iron blizzard dudes are putting out waaaay more projectiles than the TC archers.

And in an incredible finale five iron priest dudes run right up to the Phoenix pretender and unload iron blizzards at point blank range how did he script that did the AI just fukken do it? Absolutely ice cold. Brutal.



well that sucks
If i hadn't had staled
I had arrow fend researched
I had PLANS damnit
fuck this game

I think arrow fend would have helped A LOT- you ignore but he probably still would have lost on sheer volume. Of course, there might have been otherwise improved scripting so who knows. His bird will revive at his capital at least.

So on to events I guess

My own summer sword! That lab is not in any useful place but you never know.

I didnt get any kraken out of this but I'm glad they have moved on alright. Conservation is important.

Whatever at least they aren't eating poison mushrooms.

I'm moving some troops through here next turn so hopefully we catch them.

It looks like Phaecia tore down the (shitty) bramble fort in Asphodel. I am assuming to build a real non-palisade fort there and that is the kind of financial flex phaecia can honestly afford I imagine.

The Jotun fort is breached so we could see a storm of it as early as this next turn. My prophet is turning around and heading back toward phaecia having cleared this out. I notice we found another coral reef down here for another water gem. I move an army with water elemental support over into the Phaeacian super PD

And the rest. I am moving to hit the amber clan with water elemental support and also my god so I best not mess up but it should be fine. Amber clan are a cut above other underwater indies but they aren't kill massed water elementals good. I continue to make a fort on the other side. My army chills outside the throne for a turn while I ping it with my scout to make sure there aren't surprises. If it looks sort of tough I will probably wait for the rest of my army to catch up as we aren't pressed for time. Not yet anyway.