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Part 34: Turn 34

Turn 34

This looks pretty quiet.

Construction 6 means I can start making water bottles and starshine caps and all the good Construction 6 stuff. I also I realize I have no s2 wizards in any of my labs and have to recall a dude so he can make the booster.

That spy is still doing stuff. Eriu denies it is them and I am moving dudes in to patrol it out.

Another one? I'll find a use eventually.

Knock it off!!!!

Fukken peasants where is better than this????


fickle peasants

This is a pretty quiet calm-before turn. I see a LOT of Phaecia troops on the right side of the sea who I bet are about to try to sail to TC. I have troops of my own moving to make landfall and steal a few quick things there myself. I will avoid hitting the province I think Phaecia is most likely to hit. The Phelegra army moves to another fort leaving a scout on the previous one or something.

I move into position to threaten the throne this turn at least.

There should be some more interesting things next turn certainly at least. They all can't be barn burner cool turns I guess. I'll throw up the next bless chat later today at least.