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Part 35: Turn 35

Turn 35

OK good news we got some action this turn.

+1 Air gems.

Haha hell yes. +1n and a FREE FORT. Kelp Fortresses are why you search every underwater province with a n1 caster. They are not that uncommon as sites go. It is in a good spot too.

This TC province has a decent pile of barbarians but... troops are a lot more real. oh my god our team colors are almost identical
almost identical

The extra TC troops in the PD are part of TC's national augmented PD feature. You get extra TC troops that scale with whatever amount of PD you put down. It is ok but it is still just PD.

We move to the province adjacent to the throne with the god army.

I use more conservative scripting casting a single water elemental apiece.

It's still overkill.

I move on the coastal fortress of TC near my throne.

TC troops are aggressively okay but terminally not fantastic.

We just smash into them.

A few losses but not nearly enough to matter.



Okay so RIP Jotun at last as Phlegra sends like 100+ dudes to kill :checks notes: like 10 giants on a wall.

:clicks: 7 morale huh

lol are you serious

Haha the archers run out of arrows and run up to finish the job the helotes couldn't

They just need to stab this one beefy boi to death with tiny knives.

lol forever


ok :wipes tear: so random events-

Lobsters live in hierarchies therefor...

Surface world do not be a liability like this.

Guys! How did we even get the census records we are still seiging the fort!!

The overview.

We are moving in on the throne. Also pictured: Jotun cap hahahah

The phaecian army moved that huge stack across the sea here so we'll, uh, see what happens with it. Looks like it was a good thing I didn't hit that province.

I made these. The water bottle starts the wearer with a water elemental buddy every fight, and the bracelet is just a +1 water path booster when worn.

I hole up in my forts near Phaecia to build forces. I have A PLAN friends.

I move inland in north-central TC then I might jump into the sea on the other side if it gets too hot in this theatre. I am keeping my forces on the TC fort next to the Ulm siege WE'RE SIEGE BUDDIES. What phaecia does with its giga-stack well we'll see I guess.