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Part 36: Turn 36

Turn 36

Ok a lot is going on here.

Evocation 6.

I have some plans.

Also thaum 1-3. Panic is good.

No sites found so on to the battles...

My army for the throne fight.

And theirs. Spoiler they just cast water ward again.

I, however, do not abide by any of these 'no water elemental' treaties.

My sacreds smash their flank and gun for the back line while the wave warriors on the bottom half seem to just sort of stale as they grind through them.

Guys, please get out of the way for my water elementals.

well nvm you got it

None of my sacreds died anyway.

Cleaning up an indie attacked TC prov look at these dudes.

They are absolutely annihilated though.

The next TC PD clear is a barb prov redux.

On to events!

This site is like some dev's weird pet project isn't it. How come other sites aren't this chatty.

Lazy good for nothing peasants!

It keeps happening!

thoughts and prayers

I patrol this asshole out.


plz dont make me patrol out your spy

I can honestly state that there is no spy of mine there



There is no spy.

b/c i killed him!!

It was a BARD, not a spy!
I was telling the truth really specifically, you see :V

he has the spy trait

What he does in his free time is not my problem. He was supposed to sing some nice, elven folk songs, nothing more


Also, to add to my truthfullness, there were two (2) bards, not "a" spy
So I guess the singing of folk songs will continue for a couple more turns

Okay so what is this throaaahahahahahhahahahahaahahhahah

Awe makes it so anything taking a swing at your sacreds has to make a morale check or not even attack. It's pretty good against riff raff troops but most undead, demons and other elite troops have really good morale.


Oh hey it is C'tis!Ii will kick them out eventually. No peace beneath the waves.

I leap back into the indie seas. Phaecia is now hitting that coast fortress. Fine, I guess.

I hit the 'i' key to see what that event in the province I took from TC is about. A swordsman, huh?

This hat gives the wearer +1 astral path.

The orders. I am moving into Phaecia cap area he may find this threatening. Good, if so!