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Part 37: Turn 37

Turn 37

It's, uh, looking very dire portentous.

What did he do?

Thaumaturgy 4, yes yes but get on with it.

Mine now!


This is probably AI TC but he is ok not even an affliction.

This is fantastic and mostly irrelevant to me! Wonderful. The WILD HUNT will chase down sacred units who aren't of C'tis if those units are in a forest and they will be attacked by wild dogs of the LORD OF THE HUNT himself. If you strike down the LORD OF THE HUNT in single combat- mano a mano, just you, he and his like 40 wolf buddies the global is dispelled. We have like no sacred units in forests because it is better down where it's wetter. Sucks to be a surfacer I guess.

C'tis also casts eyes of god that lets him see all the sites and also all the score graphs. He posts the graphs (minus his own Ctissian scores) to all and sundry
to agitate against me. I apparently did not capture the graphs before they were lost to the ether.

+1 earth gems. Alright.

Ulm clears a siege with no commanders on it.

I dive into the sea at some tritons.

TC is trying to kick my crew here off the fort. What did they bring?



what the

Well anyway my sacreds have awe now at least. As long as my guys can hold the line and grind it out we are probably fine. If they attack rear and get my commanders

like that

we probably lose

like that

Okay not great but I don't really need that fort anyway I tell myself as I shrink down and slink back into THE SEA.

I hit another undersea province as I go into the sea west of TC.

But if you looked you noticed that Ctis attacked into the province right after.

So lets see this NEW CHALLENGER

A mound king leading these ladies and also with a water bottle giving that elemental. The elemental is reasonably dangerous but we have numbers and the ladies are okay but not amazing and we have a cool bless besides.

Water elementals can be stunned by thunder weapons.

The rest of it is a lot of attacks being whiffed by awe on both sides but we win eventually because sheer numbers and of course the bless and regen.

The mound king flees.

On to events-

I have so many magic eyes now.

This could be a random event but is probably the TC AI casting Blight at me

I like nature.

Surfacers are messed up. Realtalk this might be an event chain related to the reason the place was taken over by vine men earlier. Sounds like surface people problems to me.

RIP the other bard



This will fuck up all surface income by a lot, also make flying impossible for non-storm flyers suck it nazca also make sailing impossible double fuck you phaecia. This is probably catastrophic for Phaecia if it isn't dispelled soon as it turns all his far-flung holdings into weird hobo empirelets. It's great.

This will also catastrophic for Phaecia if successful.

Gobs of troops behind a water elemental screen I mean it should work probably, right?

This throne looks pretty soft. Once I get conjuration 6 I will make bishop fish and prepare for an overland march.

Overview of commands. We are pushing C'tis back a bit. I should start massing in the south now to go for those thrones once I have bishop fish. Doing thaum 5 first though to get actual mind hunt online.


hello. ramc is holding two thrones, which is half of the thrones required to win
and theres four thrones that are coastal and one throne that is in a lake
so , yall motherfuckers need to get amphibious , quickly

also, im deeply sorry to phlegra nd their weird goofy ass prophet

this map was unwinnable for anyone other than ramc i think.
but we must perservere, and try, and troll him until he gives up