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Part 38: Turn 38

Turn 38


First off Thaumaturgy 5, home of the soul slay.

This dude can now make +1s booster crystal coins with boosters.

Perpetual Storm is up!

Phaecia pings a coastal throne. He has plans! Well, had.

I push into the sea, kicking out some Ctis dudes.

That random stack of trash kicks us off the TC cap zone land. I THE LAND SUCKS NOW ANYWAY I DON'T CARE!

But now! PHAECIA!

He has noone patrolling right now so it is just cap PD. Their cap PD is not intimidating.

And I kind of brought a lot of water elementals.

So this feels like overkill.

All those floating numbers used to be Phaecians but then someone cast acid rain RIP.

It is overwhelming. One fatality. Imagine being that one loser.

Jotunheim is finally slain. RIP to a real one.

I am pretty sure this requires a TC unit that we do not have.

Uh... ok this is in the province I just took from C'tis.


Free gems. I never get tired of ravines.

Marignon went AI huh sounds like they killed Ulms god though?


how are u
wait he killed Ulm's god and then went AI?
i guess his work was finished
andyway RIP ilm god

what was his god

? I killed Ulm's god like 10 turns ago
Though admittedly Ulm might have rezzed it
@Ramc Teleporting Monolith with 40 port

Teleporting monolith absolute legend.


I am collecting the survivors from getting kicked off that fort and I am bringing them back to Pelagia. Phaecia stormed that TC fort so good for them now they have a home away from home.

Isolation! We will see if he can muster a force to kick me off. His god is in there and probably a pile of orichalcum guards and wizards so maaaaaaybe depending on research and paths. We'll see what he tries as we work on the walls.

We have eyes on another throne and we also see Phaecia has some UW stuff over here.

Overview. We are continuing to kick C'tis out of undersea. Oh hey they have a costal throne fort too that must be Creation that is GOOD TO KNOW.