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Part 39: Turn 39

Turn 39


Conjuration 6 - home of the bishop fish and a key part of our victory push plans.

There are some ok buffs here.

+1 air gem. It floats.

+2 water spell ritual range. Famously almost useless.

A new prophet for Ulm and I don't think he renamed it.

Phaecia takes some of my TC land zone holdings and I won't fight it for now. MAKE YOURSELVES AT HOME ITS A LONG WALK BACK TO PHAECIA

Attacking into that other Ctis UW province here.

Not a lo- oh hey whats that in the back.

Look at this handsome fellow! Lets take a closer look.

He has some nifty weapons. That greater fear lash could be trouble.

Also he is holding one or more of Ctis' globals! Mother Oak and/or Wild Hunt. Normally if you kill a global holder, the spell falls. In this case he is an immortal though. If he is killed he will revive back in his home province in a few months, global untouched. Still.

He buffs with quicken self and regen and then uh it turns out he is tanky as heck my dudes can't get the hits in enough and he doesn't seem to eat a stun what the heck...

We manage to tag him with a chest wound but the fear proves too much.


Elsewhere more indies fall.

Oh hello! An Ulm vs Phelegra fight! Ulm has a cool line setup with some dudes screening his wizards.

Phelgra looks a bit more chaotic but there are a lot of wizards back there too... and hey why is that guy up front on fire?

We got a thuuuuuuuug

He has a frost brand and a shield that grants him the fire shield around him and some other misc good stuff but lol I love him look at him.

I love this hat. It shoots a lightning bolt every turn.

As the first wave of projectiles flies Phlegra earthquakes the map dealing damage to all and sundry. The hard rain falls but it isn't... that bad? Wait what is that
shade of blue tint on the slave troops? :holds hand to earpiece: we are getting reports that...

bad news for ulm

Projectiles pour but only 1 in 5 do any damage when they hit as Air Shield provides an 80% chance to null them so uh

The helotes catch up and start shredding the line.

And the smiths nope out.

That oppressor earthquake had 60 kills and they were probably mostly his own dudes so you gotta respect the ruthlessness.

Elsewhere AI Marignon trash hits 1 PD so whatever.

In the prov where the big dustup happened Phelgra, unrepulsed by Ulm, storms the fortress-

the thug <3

A.... block of leaderless troops.

Yeah that's pretty much how it was gonna be.

I start to clear that island south of the Throne of Splendor.

Events are, uh, not off to a great start.

I'll try not to think less of him.

Overview. Phaecia hasn't tried to kick me off yet but I got some work to go to break the gate.

I kit out a s2 pearl mage to mind hunt with one of those eyes of the void from the beach. He is going to try to zorch that saurowraith. Normally- as I said- if an immortal is killed he revives in his home province in a few turns and keeps the global besides, but recently the game was changed so soul slay (the spell mind hunt casts remotely if you have thaum 5) super kills immortals so here is hoping.

My god made one of these to pass around because old age is kicking our asses and giving lots of dudes Disease. Elderly units make a check every winter to see if they get an affliction, including disease.

Overview. I am assing some water elemental casters for the saurowraith in case. I am also moving more stuff onto Phaecia. We are summoning a bishop fish on the south throne for Later Use. I hope the surfacers are getting used to the new normal in weather.