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Part 40: Turn 40

Turn 40

Goodness. About this time I think I should start my LP again with a 40 turn buffer but I don't because I am busy.

Alteration 4 and 5. Swarm and Mother Oak are good if not great for us.

Wheres the lie?

Ha ha ha! Yes! Yes!! So if an immortal dies to a soul slay in theory they die for real taking their global with them...

Looks like he had wild hunt! The system works.

+1 earth gems.

Phaecia takes its frustrations out on the TC zone holdings at that's fine.

I clear the other half of that island near the Awe throne. I might consider building a fort here actually.

Next is an attack... into our undersea by Phaecia? They must be from the mainland. I think they sent thugs!

They all have some variation on this kit which is not mind hunt proof I will note.

They easily dunk my weak province defense, of course.

Surfacers are weird.

I lost the screenshot for the next event but my notes say " but in my favor" so I bet I stole a lot of money somehow.

Trolls trash some PD. These rebels!!!

"Lucky" Lake

C'tis patrols out my scout

I am gonna scout ping this. Don't want to charge in blind.

Overview. Phaecia might try to cap break so that is in the back of my mind here. I am gonna try to mind hunt those thugs of his. Phelegra is advancing on a land fort of mine and I might not fight too hard for it as it isn't that important and also moving a large number of troops that way is a big time commitment for an UW nation like me.

Ulm took the TC capital.

I will evacuate my wizards I think.

I summoned these cool guys and gals. The sacred nature 3 mage will be a welcome support mage and the holy 3 bishop fish can claim thrones which I will require.

The orders overview. Lets see what is inside this capital.