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Part 42: Turn 42

Turn 42

Dire portents, global events, we got it all.

Alteration 6 has frozen heart that's a good one for us.

Enchantment 3 and 4 is sort of a means to an end for us at the moment.

They resist both brain assaults


This global is sort of a 'good' one on the face of it. Everyone probably feels better now! Global income goes up a noticeable amount for every province regardless of ownership. C'tis collects all these miseries and turns them into a 20 death gem a turn income. This means more saurowraiths probably.

An Ulm thug takes some Phlegra PD out. I like the scare mask!

I clear out the kraken insurgent.

And then I ping that throne.

It's Zeus! He is not as scary as he was in dom4 where Rain of Stones would just straight annihilate armies. The spring hawks are annoying as hell though. Ethereal with a nasty lightning attack.

Those thugs continue their rampage.

Looks like C'tis left 0 PD.

On to events ok-


That one is okay though.

Irrelevant. So many angry sea hags.



OK first off rebuilding the lab ughhhh all my researchers there twiddle their thumbs I guess.

I am expecting this to be pretty brutal on both sides. We are going in. If we don't win it isn't like his cap is going anywhere with the storm up. I keep trying to mind hunt the thugs and am sending UW sacreds after them.

Looks like TC AI is trying to take its cap back and the stranded Phaecians are wandering.

I am massing zeus-proximate forces with an eye toward taking the throne.

I may start moving overland as soon as next turn, depending.

My orders overview. Even if I can't kill Phaecia's god, ideally I mess up his cap-only stack sufficiently that he can't hit me back for it. There will be some elemental spam but ideally this is nothing a few hundred line troops backed with water elementals can't handle.