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Part 45: Turn 45

Turn 45-

Seems like a lot of attacks against us.

I think storm also makes seeking arrow pretty unreliable... ERIU

All my mind hunts are resisted. Lame!

+1 earth gems. More crabs!

Meet the new Ulm prophet. He didn't rename it.

First fight uh, no PD and no troops on our beachhead. Score!

Also Mari is sitting on their fort ok haha. That's good.

Phlegra takes a 1PD prov near my surface fort that they are storming. Fine! The land sucks anyway!

Here C'tis attacks where I am building that fortress. 3 saurowraiths hm...

This is his new tech because poison clouds hit 3 times a round now. At least according to him in chat. Part of the same update that made soul slay kill immortals.

I have a lot of troops but not real with-gems mage support which is... bad.

When your thugs have ethereal + fear +poison clouds + regen they are extremely good vs normal troops like my brave wave warriors.


We kill one (impermanently), another flees but the last saurowraith stays. RIP 600 gold fort.

The surviving terrorist strikes again.

They storm our fort and well yes.



As well he should be.

okay a- what what hahaha for real RENEGADE SHRIMP? CRAB GENERALS!!!!

simple minds... simple dreams

the may appear clumsy... but-

this is fantastic
hahah this is the best event
i love them

Here are my shrimp. You can also see Phelgra eating our former Jotun holdings in the north there.

The overview. Some folks nibbling into the sea now. Sensing a lot aggression here????

I am moving onto the fortress. Also the Phelgran province north of it has 0 PD so I am going to try to scout-capture it, making straight the royal way.

Shuffling. I am content to react to Phaeacian moves here as this is just keeping them busy in a place that isn't important while I try to win the game elsewhere.

Contemplating that huge stack of Nazcans and my huge stack of wave riders. Holding off for the moment as I don't need to lunge and I want them to take their eye off the ball if possible.

Overview. Mindhunting some of those thugs and regrouping near C'tis. Eventually I will put together a credible army to menace that throne and his stupid saurowraith thugs.