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Part 48: Turn 48

Turn 48

Getting pretty busy!

No mind hunts succeeded
But no brains were reaped

Time for some propheting!

Phelegra takes the province our exodus force is leaving behind. If we splat on the throne there is no escape prov and everyone dies.


A scout spies AI Marignon trying to give a Tyrant the boot.

He is heroically precise if you were wondering.

Also mostly immune to fire good luck Marignon (Who does not even have a priest to bless his dudes here)


But wait A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES. all 3 armies moved into this province this month I guess.

This is definitely some kind of high concept thug killing army. Wizards are spamming steal breath but cant hit him because of dismal precision.

Well the troops charge in and what are they actually hurting him.

Blah blah wait- a great sword of sharpness?

Oh my gosh those aren't cavalry line troops those are black lord counter thugs.

haha one has a MOON BLADE

they kill him incredible
this game is perfect

More harassment.

A pile of elves lay siege to my Eriu zone fort. I am gonna let this go and probably try to jailbreak my mages there.

It is do or die over here at the throne zone.

This should be largely painless though.

An advance force of wave riders hitch them up a bit while I get some water elementals.

Then steam in to be annihilated.

I cast serpent blessing for +10 poison resistance and foul vapors but that was definitely overkill for the fight.

They rout. It was a pretty good win.

I am kicked off the exodus siege fort.

I ping the nazca throne.

A lynchpin earth/astral mage clearly to cast the big buffs wait- he has a SLAVE matrix i don't think divine frog realizes that... does he? He might figure it out later so I can't assume but lol forever at the idea of all those gems on a communion slave.

A bless reminder and his ghost birds have storm flying. Great.

Raw numbers. No PD? Ok.


It keeps happening.

That is not ideal. I'm moving some people into a nearby province still in strike range to spread the mouths out.

I am not sending anyone but look forward to thugs. I am so sorry guys I had nothing funny I could use.


I am claiming the throne and building a lab. The thaumaturgy bonus could be good but this place is way the heck away from my holdings to get appropriate wizards over.

Nazca built a palisade. Hmph.

I am going to take one more shot at this brain reap I think.

My orders overview. Mostly I am getting ready to hit Nazca here. It is going to be a mess and now I got to go through a palisade if he hunkers down. It's inconvenient but if I manage it I win so let's do it right.