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Dominions 5

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Part 49: Turn 49

Turn 49

is a l o n g b o i

We have Thaumaturgy 7. Some nice globals in here.

The elements throne is claimed by Nazca.

I forgot to rename the fish to 'If You Want To Cross The Bridge, MY SWEET' and it bothers me.

The mind hunts are resisted and halfway through the spell turn order c'tis teleports in a s3 mage to protect his global holder and the second half get reaped alas. Mad forever.

Got two +1 earth sites.

This is my prophet now! 40% regeneration rate. Nice.

Those guys again.

And these undead lizard jerks.

Nazca attacking me underwater hm ok...

We learn that ghosts can fly underwater here.

A barrel of air is kind of spendy for this sort of thing. It is probably event trash.

But I gonna try to keep my eye on the ball here.

0PD from C'tis

A thug sent underwater at our splendor throne fort!

His fire shield does not work underwater by the way.

He dies like a chump and we get some free stuff!

I am taking some UW stuff back from Eriu.

Phaecia is clearing its cap circle still. Bah!

C'tis is storming the TC fort and hey what are those...


i love them

Most of the kills they make are friendly fire.

Time for events.



We came out ahead on this for once.



In this corner a skelespam nazcan with 2 death gems.

In this corner a tyrant super thug with a cool hat for a REAL WIZARD. Not for like... a stab man.

The Hurin starts to skelespam but with reinvig the tyrant can do this all day- hey wait what is that new unit with a different team color

the Hurin summons a pair of these ladies how will this work out for him?

They fly up to the Tyrant and without dealing any damage their fear aura triggers his morale rout.

The dude jumps the arena palisade to die in the astral sea I guess!!!!



AI vs AI

In this corner SOME GUY WITH A KNIFE.

and in this corner... SOME GRANDPA NERD WIZARD



A new champion is crowned. Beware the iron fist of the east.

C'tis must have stormed down that cap.

Overview. Getting pushed back but I am also not fighting super hard because I need to consolidate force.

I am consolidating the pile for a strike next turn. I am attacking with a scout because he has 0 pd on his fort and it would be funny if it works.

Here I am siege breaking and fleeing the Eriu fort

Take that!!!
His god is in there too but also heretic wizards so his dominion will only rocket up so much.

His slave matrix wizard was Ferrus- a merc- so he probably is just unlucky with his item spawns rather than foolish.

Overview. Soon I will lunge that nazca throne and ???maybe win??? but who knows. Dominions is wild ride.