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Part 50: Turn 50

Turn 50

Here we go. Some minor unimportant screenshots got lost here but lets figure out what we can.

I summon some of these dudes for the Nazca attack. I just took another picture of terra cotta dudes. The lost shot is easily overcome.

C'tis overwrote my GoH with his own GoH and Phaecia gave him N gems for it it sounds. Phaecia!
I lost the image of the text from when it is cast, alas.

The screen grabs lost were pretty much all underwater C'tis terrorism and me kicking Eriu out of the lake so nothing much of importance.

Also all of my wizards fled the fort Eriu was taking from me and all but 2 made it back into the sea so not so bad.

Where the screenshots pick back up though...

Some more undersea skelespam.

Another undersea snake army this could be annoying to deal with all together.

I'm forgetting PD. I am getting sloppy here.

I don't think the temple was actually razed. I am now seiging the 0 PD Nazcan palisade as noone was patrolling so dudes are pinned there until I am knocked off.

Phelegra attacks my UW throne I didnt even notice these guys by the lake. 5 thugs is kind of a lot.

But I do have an army here.

Soul vortex could be a problem though I guess.

We manage to focus one down but the soul vortex is taking its toll on my vanilla line troops.


I check my prophet to see if I think he can kill them once they get to him or if he can pull this ou-





Could I have prevented this? Yes, maybe? But oh my gosh I should have like cleared out the adjacent lake or something or or or or or or or

This is me casting baleful star from last turn. I'm in 'control' so I get the message.

The event for claiming the element throne hits the province, kicking me off the Nazca siege and replacing it with these dudes. The elements throne has this weird event chain that fires if you just claim it without jumping through a lot of hoops.

Shouldn't it be warlock master?

Marxism takes root.

The overview

im fukken howling


I can't lunge a win anymore so I am slinking back into the goddamn sea.

The escaped wizards from the Eriu siege are going to forts to study.

I am going to Gift of Reason a shrimp soldier to turn it into a commander. Shut up I need this.

aaaand final orders. god dammmmmitttt