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Part 51: Turn 51

Turn 51

Everything is fucked up and bad because I am not winning oh god

But I cast one spell, gift of reason...

fuck yes

and everything is good once more hell yeah

I roll some PD from Phaecia

Phelgra sends a thug underwater with a neat shield and a -5 morale affliction.

It's just PD though so he wins.

These guys still. We are just swatting each others PD at this point.

C'tis consolidates its 5 saurwraiths to hit my fortress.

I hate soul vortex.

Wait why did one of them just die?

We tried to figure this one out because my guys didnt stab them--


ramc please sell me gate cleaver

i'll give you a gate cleaver...
....TO THE FACE...

Also it doesnt even look like a militia hit that one sauromancer
like he just fucking popped for some reason i cant quite tell from the log

soul drain or whatever can't hit dead stuff can it?

????one turtle or many?????
life drain attacks do half damage to undead stuff i think? but don't give hp to the attacker
could be wrong, @j "samog" corbyn would be the one to ask

j "samog" corbyn
life drain attacks do half damage and no drain to inanimate targets
the spells "drain life" and leeching touch won't even target them though

4 soul drain guys probably ate their 5th buddy with a series of hilarious rolls

He is not permanently dead though and will respawn in his province of origin within a few months. His global stays up too.

I pop over to the surface to menace phaecia.

There is a lot of horse PD here.

But they are just indies.

I plan to back right off though.

I am kicking C'tis off my island.


Joke's on you I'm already misfortune 3 scales!

Join the line, lady.

Ah, a Bane Venom Charm (BVC). Something is sneaking with an item that randomly diseases my troops and kills the population of the province. They're great.

Saurowraiths cant really siege unaided.


We are continuing the dance.

I am moving to take the rest of the island while Ctis moves in some sea trolls by the looks. Must be the siege force.

I am going to try to mind hunt this duder but his MR is pretty high.

I am backing off the land fort next to the throne and moving some troops to the north to better secure my holdings up there. Fuck C'tis.

Orders overview. I am not super thrilled with my god being where he is but the Awe throne should be secure for now. I am also trying to re-secure my undersea before I make more land moves and I am hoping with my imperial ambitions thwarted the surfacers begin infighting once more.