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Part 53: Turn 53

Turn 53


Living Water and to a lesser extent Living Fortress or whatever are the nice things here. Living Water is summon water elemental+. Cast it and you get 4 elementals. It's real good underwater obviously.

No minds get hunted. It sucks!

I lurch onto the land in the TC zone and raze a Phaeacian temple. Suck it!!!

I clear some Ctis PD near my seiged fort.

This asshole is back.

These dudes were chasing after that Tyrant but he has moved on.

Nazca, hello.

I get all up in Nazca's grille as a negotiating tactic.

I am reclaiming some Eriu raiding losses here.

go away

I sent this crew to smash an unforted Phaeacian land temple...

...which has a LOT of PD.

It's easy to lose sight of the fact that my line troops are very good its just that all the magic bullshit flying around is rapidly outpacing them.

A second temple lost this turn for Phaecia. I feels good man. Also that's like 24 PD I think. Spendy.

The omen is that I started the LP.

We are fucking crawling with curse spewing wizards and witches. It is probably our chief export.


A ceasefire is negotiated with Nazca. He wants to take Gilged to make some UW stuff to oppress Shinuyama. I'm just happy not to have 200 ghost birds pointed like a dagger at my capital.

My fort won't last long enough for me to get reinforcements there.

Wait what Ulm kicked Phelgra off the UW throne they took from me??? Scout, go check that shit out.

The Tyrant escaped by going on land. That's great. I contract my forces to get ready to move them C'tis-ward because nuts to that guy.

Having lashed out, I contract. Reorganized I shift forces toward C'tis while trying to point out to all and sundry he must die.