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Part 54: Turn 54

Turn 54

Alright. Let's see.

Ulms prophet claims the underwater throne that USED TO BE MINE. I will get eyes on it this turn to figure out what the heck happened.

The Mindhunts failllll

Nazca takes his lands back per peace agreement.

I am in negotiations with Phaecia for a ceasefire but he will take his cap circle back as part of it.

He also takes his land province back.

Another kraken king deposed. Rebels come in all shapes and sizes.

God is anyone in this kingdom not a witch or a rebel??

The answer to that seems to be "a hard no" but hey what did we get...

Some extremely generic armor.

The sloth cult again. You know what maybe they have a point.

I like this global event .

Nazca was supposed to move him away! I try to patrol him out and remind Divinefrog.


My army is big.

The overview.

I amoving my armies over toward C'tis but they won't get there in time to prevent a storming.

Anyway lets see what happened with that thr-

Oh my god that's the best 'the army consists mainly of monoliths' there must be a fucking story here though.

Okay the sloth cult convinced me also the fact my normal line troops are falling off hard. The gold economy is giving way to the gem economy so I am going to pull the bandaid off and claim this throne. +2 sloth will be survivable but I need to

C'tis will almost certainly storm now. I set up a communion to cast LIVING WATER and shark attack while spamming paralyze and soul slay. I probably can't stop it, but I probably can make it hurt and I do have a big army en route to oust them. I don't think he can really hold the lands he takes from me in the long term.

And I am getting ready-

Making random stuff... for no reason...

I continue to shift toward C'tis. I make peace with everyone except like Eriu who wanted me to trade him like 50 air gems for 10 of his pearls but I could just spend 10 pearls mindhunting his dudes. I think C'tis is heading for a bad time if everyone does actually turn on him but I need a few more turns as I shift into the late game so hard my gears grind.