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Part 55: Turn 55

Turn 55

Ok ok oh god we gotta solve things

Construction 7

ha ha ha yes

I shift the economy into gems.

shit I gotta think long and hard about the strategic ramifications of my prop-

haha psyche i don't even hesitate

C'tis pings this throne again I am pretty sure he is BVCing it, trying to disease the defenders to soften it up.

My army takes back some underwater stuff that Tyrant had run through.

I suicide some diseased priests into indies because there is no saving them and they cost money.

Some armistice!


how are u
oh shit i forgot to cancel an attack order
my bad

I send guys to go get it back. At least he apologized.

He sends a single 0 astral saurowraith to get some stuff near my throne fort. Well ok

Speaking of forts, C'tis is sending storming our fort. I am braced for a bad time between the catoblepas, the trolls and the saurowraiths. Here is my set up-

and the lizard wizards have...

"Just" the saurowraiths huh. I guess soul vortex and poison cloud would not have played well with other troops. Well 6 is a lot of these fuckers.

Looking them over its mostly the same sort of tech as before. snake bladders, rat whips, lead shields that sort of thing.

I have living water now however. How many water elementals can they kill???

I cast Shark Attack which is kind of like Howl but underwater.

My astral mages communion up to spam paralyze and soul slay. One of the saurowraiths eats a paralyze. That number is the number of turns they can't act. Soul Vortex will still work while paralyzed however. That said, his defense is reduced to 0 making him easier to hit. Still that 75% hit negation chance with ethereal...

They begin to get mobbed up on. They are regenerating too, though, so it isn't fast.

Shark attack kicks in and, uh, those guys look pretty big.

Howl but howl summons 45 hp size 6 megalodons with a 22 damage bite hell yes. I love that he has the stealth tag. You never see the bus-sized shark coming.

Also small sharks. size 1. So cute. Yet it, too, delights in the taste of blood.

Uh... that is a lot of huge fucking sharks.

hahah welcome to the sea!!!! More saurowraiths get paralyzed. I think 5 of the 6 can't move now.

My two mages who are supporting the communion are being killed by it but that's life in the big ocean.

The saurowraith gets a bunch of afflictions between getting hurt, healing, and getting more hurt. Some might heal when he resurrects in a few months but it is still cathartic.

More paralysis. None of these seem to be the load bearing global saurowraiths but none die to soul slay that I can tell so it wouldn't matter much if they were.



I lost a chunk of line troops but a bunch of saurowraiths just got kicked out of the sea. That's great. Also a bunch of free garbage.

PS: the kelp fortress spawned a real fort underwater instead of the weird kelp forts and even has people on the walls. Who have no ranged weapons. Who just stood there doing nothing like dorks the entire time. Good. Great.


This could be Baleful Star but honestly it is just business as usual for Pelagia. It's a pretty random province.

An extremely valid fear. This is in the province we just retook from Phlegra.

A BVC under my throne. Almost certainly jsoh. He probably set it up from the lab on the island.



remove BVC :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

hes leaving now
shin stepped into my cap circle
he will not survive.

Note to self- get a scout over there what is Shinuyama even doing in this game?

Even with the sauros defeated he still has a pile of trolls and stuff. He could storm with it and who knows. With the right mage support he could totally win so we will brace for round two.

We will need a new champion. For a new age...

Prince Eric's memory chip is brought to the labs...

The overview. Things looking a bit more stable with armistices

The next season attack hits the elements throne.

I don't see where the tyrant went. Dead or inland.

Ulm continues to oppress AI TC

I blast some mind hunts off at the Sauro and also my own province to maybe kill the BVC scout.

We reload and brace as a relief army advances on the fort

Orders overview. Going for Conjuration 8 now to summon some crazy shit if I can. Advancing armies toward C'tis. If people pressure him on land we can probably kick him out of the sea. We will see if they actually do though. I can't play the game for them!