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Part 56: Turn 56

Turn 56

So this doesn't look too bad.

I am cultivating a high Earth caster via empowerment with gems. I probably should have been cultivating wizards better but I got tunnel vision on my mid game lunge and now here I am without a fully evolved late game strategy.

It's alive! It's alive!! (its not technically alive and also mindless meaning it sidesteps many bad spells that kill thugs dead like soul slay.)

Mind hunts did not kill the BVC.

A humble shrimp.... risen.... to great heights....

Pushing toward my fort to save it from C'tis' sea trolls.

I missed grabbing the battle report but these guys are hitting a UW province north of the sieged fortress.

I move a few guys to hit the island.

But, um, he has this guy there soooooo


Nazca takes its province back per peace discussion. Fine.

More C'tis forces heading onto the island. It looks like they are moving off the siege? Well okay!

Check out the 16 encumbrance on this lizard man. Coldblooded units have an extra 10 encumbrance in cold climes. It's wild.

2 sprites die to catoblepas poison gas aura.


Treasure is nice.

I appreciate this happening while people discuss there there seems like a lot of these events circa me posting turn 11 in the LP thread.

More brigands. More ruins. Something something mandate of heaven

The BVC guy gets patrolled out but, flees.

The overview. C'tis pulled off the siege but shifted everyone north. They threaten the throne still. Noone else seems to be attacking me anymore though, so... progress?

Also I finally get a look at this lake and wow. Gross. This should be mine!

Also also I finally get eyes on C'tis' cap where the god is. A Neter of the Moon. I think jsoh posted his god in thread ages ago.

My god casts cure disease on one of my s2 mages because they are of value and I didn't have much else to do with him. I am a merciful god.

I also ARM THE GOLEM and teleport him closer to the front. I was going to rename him but forgot and will do so NEXT TURN. The sword of swiftness strikes twice a round, the herald spear deals triple damage to the undead, he has that hat to give him S3 so he can cast teleport to get closer to where he needs to be. The black steel plate is just... there for protection. It isn't fancy. The boots of quickness grant him quickness so he acts twice a turn (so he attacks 6 times per round) the storm spool shocks and stuns anyone who strikes him and the burning pearl grants some fire resistance and increased accuracy. Soon he will be rechristened with his new name and be READY.

The orders overview. I am moving dudes around as before, also lunging for that Phelegra nub in the TC zone. Maybe I can even keep the land with the advent of peace.