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Part 57: Turn 57

Turn 57

Looks ok so far...

Conjuration 8. Home to some of the cool summons.

It is time to summon Ariel.

Aw rats i guess-

PSYCHE ha ha eat it fuck youuuuuuuuuu

One paralyze caster has been cured good news.

The golem teleports closer to the front...

...but now I remember to rename him-


His stats are purely ok though probably that is because of underwater penalties for a poor amphibian. He will need support. He cant regen so gotta be careful with how he is used but he hits like a truck, has good protection and can cast good buffs like body ethereal. He is also immune to a lot of save or lose bullshit.

We take the nub Phelegra made when they went on land by the TC/Ulm zone.

The eye pebble beach province is ours once more per peace with Phaecia.

I start pushing C'tis back as I can.

I dispose of some diseased priests. You should have studied astral magic!!!

Our scouts in the TC zone spy a fight between Ulm and a TC army-

A normal looking Ulm squad. Very solid.

Classic AI se- does he have an elf???


I am going to guess that was from sort of site or event because what the heck is an elf doing in fantasy China?

So yeah I wonder how this is going to-


The Gryphons cannot fly in the perpetual storm that has been afflicting the world for like years now of course.

It is classic Ulm.

TC loses and if you were paying attention to the turn summary you know that...

The Han was NOT upheld.


Rebel scum!!

Guys come on! Stop!

I wonder if it is the same hag every time. Fuck you too, Ursula!

haha he was trying to sneak a brain reaper in. I love it it is exactly what I would do.

Free shademail. It lets the wearer sneak.


Zoom in over here, though. Tarts! C'tis is reviving dead gods and pointing them at me. This is good. This is fine. This is some high level tech. Until we make contact with it it is hard to know what it can do so we'll see.

My gem income is recovering here.

That must be the tyrant there.

Troops... advance! I am pinging that island.

Orders overview. I am advancing more, getting my troops to cut off the island. They might die if they intercept C'tis armies retreating from the island but squads of wave warriors are cheap as free.