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Part 61: Turn 61

Turn 61

Looks like I am the one doing all the attacking. That's good.

Evoc 8. I'd like to sneak Maelstrom up sometime when I have more W gems but I keep spending them all.

Throne 2 for C'tis. More money, worse luck. I hope something terrible happens!!!

why do i bother

Hopefully this one fares better than the last one.

Nice. This is 1 earth AND 1 nature gem.

Ulm cleans up that rampaging Tyrant's trail.

"whose seas?" "OUR SEAS"


"OUR SE- what the absolute fuck

So that is both Kings of Elemental Earth here, full of gems but no equipment. They are powerful and beefy earth mages who can regenerate. One even generates an earth gem every turn. They're the earth equivalent of our Super-Ariel, just without the absurd regen rate and no kit.

There is only one awake wizard tartarian here. The other tarts are units like the monstrum- meat walls. The marshmaster has astral 1 to discourage mind hunts and a king for I assume throne claims if needed.

So yes I am just sporting like what, 40 freespawn hippocampi so there is no way I am winning this it is just a matter of seeing how it goes down.

The answer seems to be with 3 casts of living earth.

um, 6 cas- er, nine...

ok thats enough earth you're good ok jesus

I feel extremely comfortable trading 23 free horses for like an absolute pile of earth gems. His commanders are all out of gems now.


i thought i changed those guys scripts btw

the earth elemental one?

just accidentally hose 30 gems at pd

I mean there were some troops there but nothing important
my first thought is 'well i guess they gotta reload now'


plz leave
but yes lol

shamefacedly walk back to shore
i am not 100% trusting that he doesnt keep lunging tho

Shamblers clear some Mari PD


Marignon PD, chilling out.


revengeance music intensifies

a stranger i remain

Normal troops aren't ever going to do anything to this guy.

Do.. do I just have people checking every drowned sailor's eye sockets? I must.

Patriots bolstered by the tales of my victories, no doubt.

Blandly good for all.

An indie attack hits Ulm.

I wanted something bad to happen to C'tis and it did.

The overview.

There is a lot going on here. First, holy geez that fort is FULL of critters now. That throne fort will take forever to break through. I don't trust C'tis not to lunge forward and I will keep Mega-Ariel here in case they lunge because I am pretty sure she can kill them all eventually. My other troops converge to hit the Marignon fort to give me a toehold when I can break it. Also there is a pile of shrimp soldiers there now so I assume that C'tis had the same shrimp soldier event I did.

I am going to try to zap this Tyrant because fuck him that's why.

Also here is Phaeacian Asphodel now. Easy to forget how big he is.

Chat reveals that Jsoh got his eyes of god dispelled by Fate of Oedipus, by what was thought to be AI Marignon but apparently Shinuyama. I was going to try to shove Maelstrom into there but it turns out I do NOT have a +1w water booster bracelet? I made some but somewhere the users must have died and I never replaced it. I make a new one and try to push in Dark Skies because I at least have a caster for that. Jsoh makes noise about casting Thetis Blessing or the Ghost Ship Armada but I will try to toss it in just in case I can get away with it. If it gets through Dark Skies will provide a morale malus to all enemies in our dominion that scales with candles.

The Tyrant is off on its magical journey.

I dont overcast Dark Skies by very much. If it hits Perpetual Storm I would prefer for it not to overwrite it.

At least that is better.

Orders overview. I want to get in a position for that throne near Mari. It's a sphinx throne so doable maybe but yeah at least it isn't one of those stupid monolith and watchers thrones.