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Part 62: Turn 62

Turn 62

Not... too much movement here?

why do i bother

Whoa it worked???

No other globals went up or got knocked off. Either I am the only one who went for it (Unlikely, I think) or I lucked into being first in line and any other ones bounced off stronger globals. A dark and stormy night. And day. Perpetually.

It was later revealed that C'tis tried to cast Thetis Blessing, allowing all units to breath underwater, but it bounced off an extant global.

I created this guy to provide undead leadership in the off chance someone attacked into this province before I could gift of reason the Monstrum. He will dissolve in a fight without undead leadership until such time as he is GoR'd.

I am not sure why I sent this guy here offhand anymore. I might have accidentally non-sneak-moved him.

But we get to see this horror!

he is famous

Anyway it goes exactly how you'd expect.

Just Ulm things as the foreverwar drags on.

Seditious shrimp!!!

I clear a bit more UW C'tis.

I move to siege the Marignon fort! This will give me a foothold near the throne once seized.

A chunk of Mari PD!

Marignon's god is alive at least? Somewhere? These are incarnate blessings.

I cast howl and the fight is on!

While the forces clash Cyborg Prince Eric: Revengeance goes on his sneaking mission to decapitate the army leadership.

Colonel! I found them!



Their commanders slain, the Marignon PMC forces flee the field.

On to events.

Life beneath the sea corresponds to many ways with life on land.

Disappointed, guys. Not mad... just disappointed.

Probably another 2 turns to break it.

I forgot about him.


I find Shinuyama's capital. Bodes poorly for fantasy Japan here.

Phaecia is massing. C'tis has not started a fort here yet.

C'tis has backed off after spending all their earth gems. Phelegra is seiging Marignon's cap.

Time to give the Monstrum its brain back.

It looks like Ulm is having some trouble here, still.

The Mari fort we are seiging is in deep candles. I am backing off our prophet shrimpy.... the shrimp.... who raps because he has 1hp there. I hand his gate cleaver to another commander.

Also while I think about it who IS famous? Mostly dead people.

Crab generals have like 9 MR. Gonna brain melt him.

Orders. I move Cyborg Prince Eric: Revengeance back in case I need to redeploy. I build a lot of temples too to push my new Dark Skies.