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Part 63: Turn 63

Turn 63

Here we go.

We get the crab general.

We awaken the Monstrum! Let's take a look...

that isn't water 4. that isn't water 4 AT ALL

It looks like it rerolled his paths when I GoR'd him. I have finally broken into blood.

He is also insane and trying to call my totally alive god back from the grave. Tartarians are a land of contrasts.

Another fine crevasse is found. +1 e gems.

C'tis must have lost a prophet 6 months ago. Did I kill one? Did someone else?

Phaecia clears those indies in the TC zone.

Saurowraiths push into the sea again.

We spy a huge dustup between Ulm and Phelgra...

Ulm has a a neatly arrayed line of troops and... are those giants??

grab and swallow. damage: 'special'

Phelgra has a lot of archers fronting for a pile of wizards.

and this thug tyrant

Phelegra leads with fire arrows and some mass buffs.

The green star in the corner is the Relief spell, helping fatigue for phelegra as they wind up casts of acid rain, paralyze and petrify by the looks. Their Tyrant is paralyzed already.

The Ulm artillery starts to stream in but not before Phelgra gets off a Battlefield Control, granting all its units luck. Next they start casting Conflagration.

better lucky than good

Conflagration sets everyone in an apparently wide swath on fire, which ticks fire damage for every turn it isn't put out. All those hill giants up there with the faded coloring are petrified by the way. Petrify no-save petrifies the target for a few turns and there is a save or die when it ends it seems. Or so the new tooltips say that didn't exist when this turn happened.

The lucky archers appear to have no trouble keeping the ulmish lines from reaching the many many wizards in the Phelgra back line. #HowlReasons

Between being constantly on fire and panic spam the Ulm troops have had it.

Being petrified makes you take half damage from piercing and slashing by the way.

Many of the archers seem to have had it themselves and begin to flee as a few struggling Ulm troops try to get some wizards.

so close

but alas

A bad fight for all, really. 20 shackled mages was 20 communion slaves which meant his other wizards were probably swinging +4 to all their spell paths or so. They were probably killed because that is life in communions.

On to events.

will this ever end

a bunch of tritons do i have any pd here

ha ha yes get fuckedddd

Death to all usurpers!


This was the province I was moving through to hit C'tis.

Why is everything so sinister in my domain???

RIP another evil mage.

Phaecia patrols out a scout.

We got our island fortress set up.

I start advancing once more at C'tis. I move Super-Ariel to intercept the saurowraiths if they come by sea, and Cyborg Prince Eric: Revengeance to the fort if they try to come at us through there. I move my Hekateride back so howl doesnt surround the saurowraiths with infinite sleeping wolves so my golem can't get to them. Sometimes howl can weirdly backfire like that. See also a pile of fatigued out wolves around a monolith until turn timer hits. Looking at you, watcher thrones.

Phelegra is on the Marignon cap fort but it is not broken yet.

Now that I have construction 8 I start making this thing to permakill saurowraths-

Also I see the following items are already forged (all construction 8 items are unique)-

it is always popular

Threatening! Stay out of the sea mystery construction 8 nation!

Seduction ability? Cool, cool.

Orders overview. Pushing toward c'tis coast here. Two thrones is honesty too many for anyone but me at this stage of this Kremath Throne Points Game.