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Part 64: Turn 64

Turn 64

Scouted attacks by C'tis on indies. Uh...

This first one is against a throne. That's not great and the solar serpent or the sphinx or whoever is supposed to be here is already dead so that's also not great.

And that is his god and a pile of weird miscellaneous monsters. Tartarians... Coatls.... goats? This is all happening in the magic phase so these dudes all teleported in one way or another. Teleport. Faery Trod. Astral Gate. Stygian Paths. Who knows.

His god has some pearls and a cute sword and also 300hp from starting the turn deep in his own Gift of Health candles. He might have teleported in or Astral Gate'd.

And a Coatl that is probably horror marked from empowering itself in blood because that is a thing that can happen now. It probably teleported here. Doesn't seem to have any blood slaves with it that I can tell.

A global holding Wraith Lord kitted out to maybe to have cast Faery Trod? He isn't a saurowraith so this implied he started out as something besides a lizard man. Maybe a Lamia Queen? In that case pretender I said 'her'.

Another global load bearing commander- a Saurowraith with enough death to have cast Stygian Paths to get here. Did jsoh use like almost every squad teleport? The tartarians are just units, not awaked commanders, so they are probably led by the (Sauro)wraith( Lord)s.

With whatever indie pretender god gone along with whatever undead leadership they provided a bunch of indie undead rout immediately.

And rather than take chances with morale C'tis pops this spell. Berserking to the death it is!

While critters and tarts screen leeching clouds are dropped to hit three times a round, shredding any living being caught in them.

Friendly fire fire auras not helping these lions either.

And countless others are put to sleep to await their demise.

Even his wizards get mad as hell and charge the enemy lines.

The critters break and run.

C'tis loses nothing important and gains control of a third throne.

My new saurowraith found this on my Awe throne. The Black Coral Reef offers +1 death gems. My death income finally coming online!

Anyway now there is also this SECOND C'tis attack versus indies. Maybe it goes worse.

The throne has a bunch of beefy vaguely magical animal critters.

It's led by this dude. I can't imagine he is going to be doing too much. Maybe fire elementals at best here. These guys love to wade into melee eventually which is not super scary by this point in the game.

This fire spirit has a regenerating ring and a spirit booster hat? I wonder if he got these off something trying to take the throne earlier. No way to know for sure.

C'tis-side we got a lot of wizards, not a lot of screeners but not really needed with skelespam. Catoblepas leading. Also a tartarian which is probably enough to kill most things here depending on kit.

He's a beefy fukken boi.


The visual effect and item description suggests this thing auto-casts soul vortex my favorite spell.

Also this sword. It isn't too relevant.

Jsoh has this guy kitted out for path boosting and spell penetration. I got a bad feeling.

They communion up for another +3 to all spell paths.

The death rays hit while skeletons are summoned and... uh, see how all the C'tis units are in green squares and all the indie units are in white squares? Yeah?

OK now look again-

Beast Mastery!

Bonus Zoom Out-

Incendiary internecine infighting intensifies.

Wisps are holding the line but this is an extreme RIP.

Morale shatters.

And a giant fuckoff magic snake decides it WOULD be better to serve in heaven...

...than rule in hell.

And that is 4 thrones C'tis controls right now. He still has to claim them, but he is most of the way there.

Meanwhile in theatres that are beginning to feel increasingly irrelevant that pair of saurowraiths is intercepted...

By our own aquatic forces led by Disney's the Huge Fuck-Off Mermaid

She is all out of bubble gum.

My troops screen while Shark Attack gets cast but I can't imagine it is going to be super relevant.

Having buffed herself she beelines the back saurowraith, ignoring the closer one. Well you do you I guess.


Triple damage vs undead. Absolutely wrecked.

Okay though what about the second one, he might kill some mages if he makes my backline...

pfffhahahah ok

haha ok just chill out and stand still my buddy

Blew off his leg where site damage limits keep it from being a one hit kill but quickness so...

A victory, at least.

Clearing some C'tis stuff.

Traitor shrimp are put to the sword.

On to events. Any good news?

I don't think this is going to help.

I appreciate the thought though, guys.

He might be right. Piles of gold but gold isn't going to fix this 'this turn' problem.

So here is the overview. We have C'tis with two new thrones:

This one is surrounded by Phaecia.

This one borders Eriu it looks like.

So if these guys have been gearing up to take the thrones they might have forces in theatre to push at C'tis. Jsoh, however, is making noises like this game is foregone. If he has some magic phase fort creation action going on we could very likely be hosed here. If he does have Wizard Tower casters- and the earth elemental kings could cast it- the fort would go up in the magic phase before any attacks- magic phase or otherwise- could dislodge the throne claimants. The only real counter would be to remote magic attack kill (like mindhunt) the fort caster, have the remote attack succeed and also have it randomly roll to resolve before he gets the spell off. We can't even begin to guess where they might be and he is crawling with astral cord cutters so we kind of have to hope that he does not have 150 earth gems and 3 earth casters sitting ready.

In any case Eriu has a pile of sorceresses over on my coast for no real good reason strategically way the heck away from the throne so great, good, i love it

What are they even doing there. Did jsoh tell him he was putting up Thetis Blessing or something and he could invade soon?

In the off chance things turn out okay I move to siege this fort anyway. I am getting the impression everyone didn't actually invade C'tis.

My options are very limited here. I teleport a bunch of dudes toward C'tis thrones, hope he doesn't magic fort them and hope I hit something load bearing.

Maybe he can't fort all of them.

Ulm and Phelegra fight each other like they have for years. Good job. Great.

My forces lurch westward and I go to storm the Marignon fort so I have a base to hit that nearby throne from.

I am going to forge this ship to maybe get some large troop movements on the strategic map going at more than 1 province a turn.

I pour a bunch of gems into dispelling Well of Misery. All of this is so if he does get knocked off we are in a better position to capitalize. If not well at least everyone will be miserable!

Here we go. Cross our fingers. Time to see if we are getting cast back into the Disney Vault until the inevitable live action remake.