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Part 65: Turn 65

Turn 65

The turn update thing contains spoilers quite possibly so skip it or don't as you like-

Here we go.



So throne claims happen at the start of the turn order. Before anything relevant. If they aren't knocked completely off the throne provinces so that it changes ownership that is game. First up we have fights on the magic phase of combat. All magic spells resolve, then all fights as a result of magic spells resolve.

Magic-wise, our dispel is successful. If nothing else the world is more miserable again and C'tis will have fewer death gems per turn.

So Phaecia sent all these on the magic attack phase- Cloud Trapeze and Teleport probably.

A lot of dudes.

A golem! I don't... THINK it's a mass enslave golem just because I think it can only boost up to astral 7 with spells and it needs astral 8? Lets check out its kit though. First off I don't recognize that armor.

This is real good actually. More nations need unique items.

Dimensional Rod is a unique construction 8 item that does a few things but the most important one is that it boosts astral. It's something that usually gets snapped up pretty fast once people can make unique items. It can drive you insane but what a small price to pay for power. The insanity can affect mindless units like a golem.

He has this other astral (and air) astral booster. It's another unique one but you don't always see it on this kind of golem because there are more easily obtainable misc slot astral boosters normally. It horror marks you eventually but that doesn't matter for a mindless unit like a golem generally.

Some water caster lady. Any A2 mage used cloud trapeze to get here.

This dude is here via Stygian Gate I guess. He has the death booster hat and...

This +2 death path booster unique item. It ages you faster but this guy is undead so he doesn't remotely care.

Got a blood and earth consort here with some blood boosters and...

This weird unique earth booster and armor. I appreciate that the guy in the story takes probably extremely the wrong lesson from what happens. "Better give this cursed troll revenge suit to my followers who are FARTHER AWAY from me." OK buddy.

So what does C'tis have on this throne again...


No commanders no weird shit it is Just C'tis PD. It means that C'tis cast some sort of magical fort spell- probably Wizard Tower. Even if Phaecia wins here (well, when they do to be honest looking at this) C'tis will still technically control the province because Phaecia can't storm it until the next month which will be too late. This throne is pretty much secure. Let's watch the fireworks anyway, as long as we are here though.

A ton of battlefield spells go up.

It's pretty brutal.

A few more go up but the PD breaks like almost immediately. A lightning bolt probably annihilated the two commanders.

Overwhelming, but perhaps futile.

...hey wait didn't I teleport some soul slay dudes at that province too?

Oh hey there they are.

oh uh hello there look um we're all on the same side here fighting the snakes and OH MY GOD PUT THE GEMS DOW-

:muffled sounds of lightning bolts and soul slays:


Well. Lets see I think we have another magic phase action from... Eriu? Well let's see what you got buddy.

Looks like he brought 2/3ds of his god trinity and some unimportant nerds. Ok what do you ladies got.

This one here has a regeneration ring and some gems. Ok. If nothing else she automatically has fear and a magic spear I guess!!!

And I guess thing going on here. Okay though what does C'tis have (don't be fort pd don't be fort pd don't be fort pd)

it is fort pd

They cast storm (redundantly) and air elementals shred the PD, killing the commanders almost instantly actually and causing a pretty immediate rout.

They lay siege to the fort but that doesn't help really.

We are now on to the normal movement fights for folks who can't just teleport, ride winds or walk the paths of the realms of the death or fae I guess. You know. the fights for lame people.

First up I ping the throne near Marignon that I had eyes on.

It's good to know, if we make it through the turn. The casualties on the other side are troops set ablaze by the heat aura on the fire snakes. They don't play well with others.

C'tis walks a few wizards without any support into the Morrigans and air elementals do the rest.

I clear some more C'tis undersea stuff.

Okay this is it, the last C'tis throne we can see pinged. If he managed to set up a THIRD wizard tower here we are probably screwed.


This might be game. This guy had 3 separate E5 casters spend a total of 150 earth gems to fort up every throne in the magic phase. Just fukken magical wizard towers thrusting out of the dang earth to thwart all attempts to stop his ascent. Respect.

Well let's see everything else anyway, for posterity.

Our wave warriors hold the line while air elementals swirl about. One guns IMMEDIATELY for the two commanders of the PD.

And like that the rout is on.

Well, we won THAT anyway... But the throne is still claimed.

Back over in the Phaeacian siege while everyone was still getting their alibis straight about the friendly fire soul slay shootout like dozens of empoisoners show up to push them off the fort.

Which is... weird.

This is the move phase so the rest of Phaecia's non-teleporting army has already arrived.

I wish I had killed this guy in a fort storm though.

They start getting shredded. It takes me a second to figure out what all those weird puffs of ?dirt? on the ground are and hey some falling rocks is that...

Ah, Rain of Stones. Nerfed from its former army clearing glory it is still a rough time for wizards. The flavor text suggests that things that protect from arrows will protect from RoS. Perhaps Arrow Fend is a good counter, or a good way to avoid friendly fire because RoS does not care who you are or what you do.

But they overrun them easily, yes.

Some light rain of stones related team killing.

C'tis attacks some random Phaeacian province. It isn't really relevant.

Here is my move to siege that coastal throne fortress of C'tis. I brought a bunch of line troops but Cyborg Prince Eric- Revengeance is the big guns here.

He's god modest PD and the animal kingdom. I'd be worried about those birds flying up and mobbing my non-golem commanders if the entire world hadn't been plunged into a permanent storm years ago.

Critters rush up and the birds crawl forward. Cyborg Prince Eric- Revengeance buffs up and goes for it.

Animals are not brave.

Nor are the crab generals who command them.

He probably could have done this solo to be honest.

The throne is under siege which would be more meaningful if the throne settings had been more exacting.

Finally, we have me storming that Marignon fortress.

My troops versus...

A square of unscripted weenie research mages. They aren't even sacred so they won't even explode when slain. Lame!

I pop some living waters and my line troops run up to be lit on fire individually one by one by combustion casting.

Combustion, fire darts, fire shield... the best f1 casting right here guys. This will actually probably kill most of the wave warriors.

Extremely on fire, my wave warriors stab the enemy wizards, getting burned even more.

What? You're running away? This is fun!

My troops flee, but my water elementals- who were just killing dudes on the battlements I guess, fear no flame.

And just sort of start crushing 1 square worth of wizards each per turn.

It doesn't take very long.

The fort is ours

On to events.

Fine. I don't even care. ENJOY them!

Thanks for telling me I don't care.

Incredible savings.

In case you were wondering.

The throne sieges. Welp.

Well fuck those five guys in particular because...


Next time: The After Action Report.