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Part 76: God and Scales Chat

God and Scales Chat

Okay I am finally getting around to this. The secret here is that my god and scales are not terribly high concept here and in many fields I have n e u t r a l s c a l e s.

I picked the Lord of the Waves because he has water, nature and air innately on the chassis. If your chassis doesn't have the path innately there is a cost to add it. This cost varies by chassis but it is usually high unless you have some dweeb dom-1 wizard. This lets me get my bless semi-affordably. Each point after the first costs just more and more and more with paths and dominion rating. He is a beefy guy and can lead air breathing troops underwater but that will almost never be relevant I already have good UW troops I don't need surfacer garbage.

So I guess lets look at the other stuff.

Dom strength effects how many sacreds you can hire in a given province in a month and how likely your dominions candles are to spread and/or overpower the candles of others. I bought mine up to 6. Titans start with 3 dominion base (most monsters are 2, nerd pseudo humans 1 and immobile gods 4 normally) so it isn't super expensive. I will want to hire a lot of my line troops from my cap.

Dominon score can be raised in the game. Every 5 temples you have increases your dominion score by 1.

Each point in order increases your income by 3%, reduces unrest by 1 point/month, increases recruitment points by 10% and resources by 3% and makes random events -2% less likely to happen. If you go turmoil it just does the opposite. There are some other knock-on effects and any given scales can enable or disable certain events. I didn't want to spend points on it for more dollars but I also didn't want to take a hit to recruitment or resources because I need to mass my chaff. Some nations have advantages for having high turmoil despite it being a negative scale. Pan maenads, chaos power demons, that sort of thing.

Each point of production increase income by 3% and resources by 15%. I went all in here for Production 3 for +9% gold but more importantly 45% resources because my dudes have a lot of armor and that will probably be a limiting factor to massing them. The money is just a side benefit.

Okay so each nation has their own 'ideal' temp scale and it is usually neutral. Going up or down off this ideal neutral means -5% income and -10% supplies per step away. If you are a heat 3 nation and end up with cold 3 scales somehow on you well ha ha enjoy your like -30% income in that province I guess. Underwater has it good for a few reasons here. Temps underwater can only go 1 step higher or lower than neutral. Even though I picked cold the sea will never get under the -5% level. On land it's another thing of course but my breadbasket is the sea so whatever. Most people go high heat because dealing with snow movement is really annoying and noone wants to live the underwater movement experience on land. If my dom pushes onto the land it will be annoying for my enemies.

Growth was a scale I wanted but couldn't really afford. Each point is +2% income, +10% supplies and 0.20% population growth per month. Population determines gold income of a province so this is a great long term scale. Death does the opposite slowing killing everyone.

This one is a bit stranger. Luck is largely agreed to not be as 'good' as it used to be in dominions 4 for some reasons. Mostly luck doesn't prevent as many bad events as it used to more or less. Each point gives +5% chance of events happening and +10% chance of it being 'good'. Misfortune does the opposite. Deeper misfortune or luck scales also unlocks the possibility for some really good or bad stuff. I went for misfortune 2 because well it isn't THAT bad, right? Oh, also, it doesn't out and say it but the chance of a national hero spawning is 3% per turn, +/- your luck scales. Yes that means 0% at misfortune 3. Food for thought.

Magic gives +1 rp per mage. Drain -1. There you go. Drain and Magic also affect the saving throws of units in provinces, with drain being the 'more resistant' one. I went neutral again. I will get plenty of wizards.

And How Tired is Your God?
So your god, by default, starts awake. For 150 more creation points he starts dormant and will wake up around the end of the first year. 12-14 turns or so. For 350 points you can go imprisoned which means good luck see your god in like 3 years- roughly 36 turns. Time was in Dom 4 you could imprison your god for a cool hellbless but with i n c a r n a t e blesses the best stuff needs an awake god so you can't just stuff your divine nerd in a locker for 3 years while chad sacred cav run around with a triple bless. No now you need to have an awake god for that nonsense.

Normally you want an awake god to help expand, usually by being some kind of unstoppable monster. In theory you could have an awake god who is awake only to give your sacreds an edge in the first year but I mean they should be able to do some lifting too. Having an awake monster god can be a hedge against an early rush.

Dormant is more attractive if your troops should be fine for the first year without the full incarnate bless or you think you can get away with it. If you just have a lot of minor blesses or your blesses are more mage oriented dormant is probably fine. You weren't gonna have all that research then anyway. Titans and immobile tend to be candidates for this.

Imprisoned means you are not going to see any incarnate blesses you took for a long time. Some people will play the long game with this but uh make sure your sacreds have some non incarnate stuff to carry them too. You usually see this with very good scales because hell why not and/or lots of little non-incarnate blesses with a dom 1 nerd. Sometimes that can be perfectly good.