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Part 79: Phaecia Overview

Kitfox88 posted:

not gonna lie Phaecia looks kinda cool

It sure is!


Hi I'm forums poster How are u and I am playing the seafaring, South-Mediterranean nation of Phaecia in this game. I will occasionally comment on shit that is happening when it involves me. Let's do a little overview of the nation of Phaecia!

Phaecia is a Middle Age nation, the direct decedent of the Early Age nation of Berytos, which is based off of a mythologized vision of ancient Carthage. Sadly, they lose Berytos' national Blood magic spells along the way.

Phaecia is a nation of ships and sailing, and they have a special unique national ability to drive that home.

Dark Vessels is a phenomenal ability. Any Dominions player will tell you that speed and maneuverability on the world map are extraordinarily valuable. The Sailing ability allows a commander to transport his troops across a water province for free. Take a look at all of the ocean provinces that surround our starting island, and then all of the land provinces that those ocean provinces also touch:

We're that little island in the very center, so cozy!

So, as long as our units are within our Dominion, they all have sailing. Some Phaecian units possess the normal Sailing ability in addition to getting Dark Vessels.

This shitty little priest can sail on his own even outside our Dominion.

Let's look at Phaecia's other relevant commanders and unit.

Colossi Weavers are not impressive at first glance. However, they can roll Astral 2, Air 2, or a point of Earth or Water in addition to what you see. The little hammer icon indicates that they get a 1 point Forge Bonus when forging items. That means a 1 gem discount. If you give them a Dwarven Hammer they can forge items that cost 5 gems for only 2 gems. Very useful if you have a reason to spam some cheap items.

The Colossi Storm Captain is a general who is also a half-way useful mage. He can sail, lead a bunch of dudes, and toss out some buffs or lightning bolts too.

The Wind Callers are the bread and butter of Phaecian researchers and battle mages. They can roll Air 3, which is the level at which Air magic starts to get really damn fun. They can also roll Water 2 which allows them to be at least a little bit useful underwater, if you can get them there. They can also roll Astral 1, which is really only useful for a couple of buffs and being a communion slave later on. Their biggest downsides are that they are Old Human Men and they are Slow to Recruit. I love these dudes, tho.

The Colossi Queen is one of our two capitol-only mages. She's OK. She can get Air 3 or Water 3 or Astral 2 but none of that is very impressive on a cap-only. She can get Fire 1, which gives her both Astral and Fire, and is the only way for Phaecia to access one of its national summons.

Prince Consorts are fucking ace. They can roll Fire 2, which lets them cast Augury the Fire site-searching spell. They can roll Water 3 and then cast some great Acid spells on land and much better stuff under the waves. Air 4 is huge to have, because the best Air spells and the Air-boosting items all require at least Air 4. A nation that has Air access but can't hit Air 4 out of the box isn't a real Air nation IMO. The Princes can also roll Earth 1, which is our nation's best Earth access. We have another national summon that requires Earth gems, so Earth 1 gives you the hope of eventually breaking into it.

Cool commanders, bro. Here's Phaecia's single good troop. Most of their line-up is standard dogshit you'd never want to rely on.

The Orichalcum Guard are the cap-only elite of Phaecian forces. They're buff, they're tuff, they have magic weapons and armor that won't rust if they go underwater. They're also sacred and a great chassis for all sorts of blesses. Their one downside is that all that fancy magical armor costs a lot of Resources, and being a tiny island Phaecia doesn't have a lot. We'll never be able to recruit more than 4 or 5 a turn.

Phaecia is cool and good, a pretty strong nation which also possesses some real drawbacks. In conclusion, Phaecia is a land of contrasts.