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Donkey Kong (Game Boy)

by Frankomatic

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Original Thread: A woman and the monkey who loves her: Let's Play Donkey Kong! (VLP)


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Donkey Kong, a venerable classic known to many and the introduction to two very well known characters in Gaming History, Donkey Kong and Mario. As the classic gamers amongst us will likely already know, this game is only 4 screens long. Sounds a little short for an LP video, doesn't it? Well, I think it needs to be done anyway. I've spent years of my life practicing and perfecting these four screens and damned if I'm not going to make use of my encyclopedic knowledge of how to jump over barrels being thrown at me by a giant fucking monkey that took my woman.

This will be a video LP, as this short but awesome game truly needs to be seen in action to be properly experienced. It may take me many videos as it is notoriously difficult, but I'm sure I'll be able to make it with minimal pain involved. Also, I'm playing this on the Gameboy as you can tell from the box up above, so the graphics are a little bit improved over the originals. Let's go show that overgrown ape who's boss!


Video One: In which we taste Victory... or do we?Vimeo YouTube
Video Two: With which I embarrass myself greatly.Vimeo YouTube
Video Three: This forest seems to be infested with bugs.Vimeo YouTube
Video Four: Giant Apes should not have ships!Vimeo YouTube
Video Five: In the Jungle, the Mighty JungleVimeo YouTube
Video Six: I've been though the stage on a horse with no YouTube
Video Seven: I can't even come up with a thin justification for this Part 1, Part 2
Video Eight: Conveyor Belts! Part 1, Part 2
Video Nine: Ice is not Part 1, Part 2
Video Ten: Excessive Failure.Vimeo YouTube
Video Eleven: Judging by the map, someone didn't know what a valley was.Vimeo YouTube
Video Twelve: Flowers can be such dicks.Vimeo YouTube
Video Thirteen: I make things more complicated than they actually are.Vimeo YouTube
Video Fourteen: Oh god lavaVimeo YouTube
Video Fifteen: Oh god spikes and more lava Vimeo YouTube
Video Sixteen: Donkey Kong Jr. learns not to tick off Italians.Vimeo YouTube
Video Seventeen: I'm a humongous asshole.Vimeo YouTube
Video Eighteen: Consider this payback for that god forsaken DK Rap, you dick. Vimeo YouTube
Bonus Video: How far can one Mario go? Super Secret Special Ending, too!Vimeo YouTube
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