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Part 5: Gloomy Gulch (With Gameboyhero AKA BrokenGameboys)

Kongs! Look out behind you!

Gloomy Gulch (With Gameboyhero AKA BrokenGameboys) Blip

Gloomy Gulch is a really nice world. Gloomy Gulch is also where, in my opinion, the game takes off the kid gloves. It's mostly made up of level types that are unique to that world, and the one stage that isn't unique ain't that bad either. The forest stages are all really well designed, sure they each have some sort of gimmick but it only adds to the whole experience. Excluding Web Woods, none of them are too long and they maintain a fine balance of difficulty.

The Haunted Hall is a last hurrah for the loved roller coaster stages, and it adds in some spooky twists to keep the action going. This time we don't even have little signs that tell us a pit is coming up, and with the coaster going faster than usual, the whole stage is a fun adrenaline fueled ride. Gusty Glade.... Is simply a warning. I know a lot of people will probably hate on parrot chute panic, and I understand why. It's slow, quawks is a crappy crippling mechanic, hitboxes suck, I can totally understand hating it. Hell, I used to hate it, but it's recently grown on me! I feel like it works really well as a hive stage, sort of a last stand for the zingers before they slowly start wittling away (don't worry, there will still be plenty of them in the next video).

Finally web woods... The combination of super long level with unforgiving DK coin at the end is a deadly combination. I do feel that, it could have been much worse. I mean, all you have to do is wait in a barrel and you even get to press the button to shoot out whenever you want! Rare could have forced us to use those rotatey shits, and really, if you take the minute to wait and figure out the pattern, you should have a good chance at getting the coin... unless you're bad at timing. Finally, the boss, I don't have anything to add with what I have in the video..

Yeah, I know I forgot about swanky. He's easy to forget since he's tucked in the corner, I'll get him in the next video, two swankies in one video! Won't that be exciting.


Forest Interlude: Excellent track for a mysterious forest. Very relaxing to listen to, manages to be very complex at times with the instruments while not being a headache. The flute just keeps the whole thing going, and the chirping drumbeats in the background are something else, especially when they start distorting at the breakdown.

Haunted Chase: Wow! A new roller coaster level just like in the carnivals! This is going to be tons of fun, wait, GHOSTS? DANG. This song is really good on the whole "you're being chased" tone. Much more than the Run Rambi Run I neglected to mention in the last post . It sounds very piratey, which is fitting since the pirate skeletons have bandanas on their heads!... Wait, why are there pirate skeleton ghosts in a library? Why is there a rollercoaster in a library? Who bult this thing.