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Part 6: K. Rool's Keep (With FreezingInferno)

Before the length of the video scares you, the last 15 minutes are optional, but fun! I suggest you try it out yourself (ON AN EMULATOR FOR GOD'S SAKE) and see what you can do with it.

06: K. Rool's Keep (With FreezingInferno) Blip is encoding

So, K. Rool's keep. My overall opinion of this world is pretty positive. By this point in most games, especially platformers, I feel designers are pooped out creatively and so the later moments of the game tend to be not as interesting (I think this is really apparent in the first DKC). Luckily, that is not the case for this world! We're introduced to the ice levels, clapper's cavern and arctic abyss. These levels DO have ice physics, but in an astounding display of design, one of these levels takes place in just water (a good water level! fancy that) and the other one just has you running in a straight line most of the time so you're not sliding everywhere. We have the last mine level, which I'll admit I used to hate, but that's just cause the unique gimmick it has involved wind, and whether i'm going up/down/left/right/lordknowswhereelse, the presence of wind just made me uncomfortable. I failed to explain it in the video, but the last bonus in the mine level is a GIANT DICK, by the time you learn it exists, you can't get it cause the wind keeps pushing you off, but if you outsmart the wind, the klobber will end up pushing you off and ruining your cool!

The castle levels, as I've made embarassingly apparent in the video, are some of my favorites. They just have this, god help me for using this beaten up word, epic feel to them that makes them really fun to play. They're not even that hard honestly. I guess castle crush your first time through will be pretty intense cause OH MAN WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN I'M IN A CASTLE WHOAAA but chain link chamber is more taking your time and figuring out simple patterns than anything else. It's toxic tower that is king of shittery for the castle levels, you got no time to waste or else your shit will get wrecked fast. You don't even have a chance to escape like in slime climb, liquid will hurt you as soon as you get in, and it'll keep rising, and you will keep drowning. Surely this is a stressful component that has gotten on the nerves of many children. Hey though, at least it's better than slimb climb.

Stronghold Showdown is just a cute cutscene, although for some reason when I was a kid and saw it for the first time I apparently ran out of my room screaming in terror


Krook's March: Yep, this sure is a marching theme if I've ever heard of. It's got a nice thing going on all the way through, a "shit got real" start, then a somber "shit's too real" tune, ending with my personal favorite "i'm more real with this shit" lift.

Stronghold Showdown: I'm surprised this is a whole track

The Flying Krock: You know, for an endless 7 second loop that only plays once in the entire game, I like it a lot. Without it I feel like the whole "you got one more world to go to" plot twist with the surprise kidnapping of DK wouldn't have left as much of an impact. I like how it sounds like some furious violin-like instrument is playing in the background too.

In a Snow Bound Land: Ah, ice/snow level music. Always accomplishes to be remarkably chill, no matter what scenario. I'm a big fan, neat MIDI choruses making up most of the melodies, and the relaxed beat is sure to give you a smooth riding time... Until a puffer blows up on you.