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Part 8: Lost World part 1 (with SloppyDoughnuts)

The Lost World will consist of 3 videos, including this following one! Also, when you die at the Kaptain K. Rool fight, a death tune is supposed to play but it never got into the game. You can hear it in the soundtrack toffile linked in the OP.

08: Jungle Jinx and Black Ice Battle (With SloppyDoughnuts) Blip

The first two lost world levels! Jungle Jinx has some fuckery with tires going on, they're all bouncy and rolly and if they fall on you they hurt. It's an okay gimmick but I'm not too crazy about it, mainly because sometimes chaining jumps with the tires can get a little bit weird (as was all too clear in the video, IT'S NOT MY FAULT). Otherwise, it's a pretty solid level, I think it also works as a "TURN BACK" warning for newer players who were curious about the lost world, at least I would think Jungle Jinx would be the first lost world level they try. Black Ice Battle is what we got in Krem Quay, and uh, it's basically ice levels at their worst . Constant slopes and slipping and sliding and zingers everywhere! The observant will notice that it's actually just a constant dropping vertical level, which IS different to say the least. Honestly, I think Black Ice Battle may be the easiest lost world level. I hate the bullshit they throw in with DK coin/Bonus stage, it's very easy to screw up and miss.


Lost World Anthem: This is a weird song in the game. I don't think it's anything like the other songs we've heard so far, except maybe the Kaptain K. Rool boss fight, but even then! It's just so... intense. Like, we've had intense tunes before but this just takes it to a whole different level, a distorted guitar and bombastic midi instruments. I'm not saying I hate it or anything, I just feel like it's quite out of place with the rest of the game. Then again, so is the fuckoff giant crocodile head shooting out lasers from its skull in the middle of the map.

Primal Rave: This song rules. It gives us a completely different view of the jungle since the last game. In Donkey Kong country the jungle was kind of like this homely environment for the kongs to fool around in and have fun. In Donkey Kong Country 2, the jungle is SERIOUS SHIT, it's DANGEROUS, you got all these dangerous noises and tribal chants and it's now the most ALIEN thing instead of the most familiar thing. I absolutely love the drums in this, all of them, give me all of the tribaly drums, they're fantastic.