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Part 9: Lost World part 2 (With StanlyCoober)

please respect near sighted crocodiles

09: Lost World part 2 (With Stanly Coober) Blip

Klobber Karnage is difficult poopy butts. Basically think about all the times you thought "haha these guys don't hurt me they just bounce me around a bit" and then got smacked in the face and thrown into the mortal kombat spike pit a bunch. They're not really the biggest problem though, the second half of the level with the long rotatey barrel segment is the true killer. The reason why? It practically requires you to adapt to the weird hitboxes the game has, if you watch the video you'll notice that I don't ever really shoot out of the barrel until I'm practically touching the zinger's eyes, if you shoot out any sooner you'll get hurt, no questions asked.

It's a very tough segment, and you'll lose a lot of lives on it. Am I gonna say klobber karnage is a bad level? Nah, it still has a lot of fun qualities, but that barrel is a source of rage for me (expecting someone to jump in and say there's a secret or some bullshit that lets me skip all that). Fiery furnace... It's a neat gimmick at least! If you're creative you can take fun shortcuts, and it's the only other level besides skreech's sprint that requires you to roll-jump.


.... this is the only video where we don't have any new tunes! fancy that.