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Part 10: The End (With FreezingInferno)

10: The End Blip

Only one real level to talk about here, and that's Animal Antics. Animal antics is an infamous level for a lot of people I think, and it's mainly because of the brambles section. Now I think I've made my positive stance on squawks pretty clear, but wow wind sure knows how to expose control flaws. All the other animal buddy sections are pretty similar to what we've seen before (Rattle battle, web woods, rambi rumble, arctic abyss) so I'm not sure if there's much to say about them. I forgot to mention, but that secret room I got with enguarde has the bananas make a rare symbol! I know there's another one of those rooms in parrot chute panic, but I dunno where else. Krokodile kore... Well it's more of an obstacle course than a puzzle. I'm sad that I didn't muster the patience to go through the whole thing as Diddy but hey, I find my in-video explanation quite satisfactory!


Game Over: Sad and gloomy, typical game over stuff! I find the midi harmonica kinda funny really.

Donkey Kong Rescued: In contrast, an empowering and satisfying theme! It kind of combines all the positive elements we've heard from the soundtrack, listening back to it. The relaxing ambient parts, the epic orchestral parts, the experimental melodic parts, it all mixes together to congratulate you on a job well done. David Wise actually remixed this song in the OCRemix DKC2 album, titled Re-skewed which is what it would sound like if DKC2 came out on a modern system I guess! I like both of them.

So um... That's it! I say what I need to say in the video so thanks again for watching everyone.