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by DemonTrigger

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Original Thread: Let's 100% Donkey Kong Country 3! [VLP]


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Donkey Kong Country 3 was released in November 1996 for the Super Nintendo. It was released a few months after the N64 was, which may have hurt its sales. In addition, DKC3 is considered by most to be not as good as the first two Donkey Kong Country games, and tends to be overshadowed by them. Despite these criticisms, DKC3 is still an excellent game on its own, and is really solid throughout without succumbing to the lack of creativity that most sequels experience.

The plot is simply that Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong went missing while out enjoying themselves, and it's up to Dixie Kong and her cousin Kiddy Kong to find them while collecting EVERYTHING. However, the Kremlings have also returned, being led by a mysterious someone known only as KAOS.

Seeing as this is a 100% run, I will be showing off most everything that you can get and do in the game. Commentary will be voiced by me and other rotating guests.


(feat. Zain) YouTube
(feat. WanderingNewbie) YouTube
(feat. python862 and Taoto) YouTube
(feat. Sumdian) YouTube
(feat. Zain) YouTube
(feat. Simply Simon) YouTube
(feat. python862) YouTube
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(feat. Taoto) YouTube YouTube

-85/85 -41/41 -15/15

Total Completion - 103%

Kast of Kharacters

Dixie Kong

Dixie Kong returns from the second game, and she pretty much plays the same as before. She can still twirl her ponytail in order to glide long distances, and is usually the one I use because of that. She's also really light, and can be thrown really high in order to reach new places.

Kiddy Kong

Kiddy Kong plays pretty much like Donkey Kong if he were a child. Kiddy is heavy enough to defeat enemies that Dixie cannot, and he can use his rolling to skip across the surface of water, reaching areas normally inaccessible. If thrown into the air, he can smash through cracked floors.

Wrinkly Kong

Living in caves across the entire continent, Wrinkly is more than happy to save your game when you show up. She spends her time either exercising, napping, or playing her Nintendo 64.

Funky Kong

Our main mechanic, Funky runs a rental shop, and will let you use any of the vehicles available. You can also find items, which he can use to make better vehicles to let you explore more.

Swanky Kong

Swanky runs a series of sideshows all across the continent, which host games of skill with big prizes at stake. In order to earn these prizes, you have to face off against...

Cranky Kong

Tired of giving hints like he did in the previous games, Cranky apparently spends all his time gaming at Swanky's. He doesn't seem to be making much of anything from it though.

The Bear Brothers

These guys are found all around the continent, and you can usually help them for rewards. They can also give tips to finding secrets as well.


The main bad guy of this game, KAOS leads all the Kremlings, and presumably kidnapped DK and Diddy. He also sports the best pair of shades ever. Turns out he was controlled by...

Baron K. Roolenstein

The mastermind behind everything. He somehow managed to capture DK and Diddy and was going to use KAOS to take over everything. Rather than fight directly, he uses machines and death traps to do the fighting for him. Also he's married?!?!

Animal Buddies

Ellie the Elephant

A brand new addition to the animal roster, Ellie can draw barrels in by using her trunk. She can also draw water and squirt it at enemies. Just watch out for rats!

Enguarde the Swordfish

One of the two animals to appear in all three DKC games, Enguarde can poke underwater enemies, and is the only way to kill things underwater. He can also charge up a lunge with the A button, which will make him move extremely fast.

Squawks the Parrot

The other animal to be in all three DKC games, Squawks can fly around and fire eggs from his(?) mouth. There are also purple Squawks Quawks, who cannot shoot eggs, but instead grab barrels in their claws.

Squitter the Spider

Returning from DKC2, Squitter can fire webs to attack enemies, or he can make web platforms to stand on. He can also curve the webs slightly up and down as they travel. He is the coolest dude, hands down.

Parry the Parallel Bird

This little guy hovers above you, mimicking your movements. He actually does very little besides being able to kill Bounty Birds, but bringing him to the end of a section will give you good rewards, usually 2 or 3-ups.

Other Links of Interest

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