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Part 1: SNES/GBA Soundtrack Comparison

Also, since we did bring it up, the GBA soundtrack is completely redone and it...well, you might have seen me putting out some hot takes a few months back but long story short I don't really like it. Nevertheless, for your listening pleasure, most of the songs we've encountered thus far are here in both their original SNES format and David Wise's GBA one.

Lake Orangatanga

Northern Kremisphere (Overworld) - SNES / GBA
Stilt Village - SNES / GBA
Bonus Time! - SNES / GBA
Mill Fever - SNES / GBA
Frosty Frolics - SNES / GBA
Boss Boogie - SNES / GBA

Kremwood Forest

Treetop Tumble - SNES / GBA
Hot Pursuit - SNES / GBA
Enchanted Riverbank - SNES / GBA

Cotton-Top Cove

Water World - SNES / GBA
Cascade Capers - SNES / GBA


Nuts and Bolts - SNES / GBA
Pokey Pipes - SNES / GBA


Rockface Rumble - SNES / GBA

Razor Ridge

Cavern Caprice - SNES / GBA

Kaos Kore

Jungle Jitter - SNES / GBA*


Rocket Run - SNES / GBA**

*The GBA version of Jungle Jitter literally has like, 50 seconds of assorted background noise at the start of the song (which you can hear right before it cuts to loop) so I found a version with it cut out. You're welcome.

**There are a couple songs that just flat out aren't on the GBA OST, like Crazy Calypso (the music that plays on the file select screen), Jangle Bells (a song that replaces the bonus theme if you put in the code "MERRY" at the name select screen), and yes, Rocket Run. The SNES version has a unique song just for that level, but they reused the "autoscroller" music for it in the GBA version.