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by Alexeythegreat

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Original Thread: Id Software's Redemption: Let's Play DOOM (2016)



(Creating that image was a lot more difficult than it has any right to be )

DOOM is the latest entry in the Doom franchise. Its primary feature is that IT'S THE GAME THAT DOOM 3 SHOULD HAVE BEEN WE FINALLY GOT THE MODERN DOOM THAT WE DESERVE YES. While the game is by no means perfect (and I will be pointing out the flaws during the LP in both the videos and the thread, and encourage the thread to do the same), it is a damn good game that redeems id Software for all the meh games that they have released in the past years.

The LP is a 100% LP with post-commentary. While I originally planned to do heavy editing, it turned out to be unnecessary, as the game is so fast-paced that even the longest backtracks don't ever take longer than maybe a minute.

I am not cutting out any deaths, because, in words of a notable contemporary philosopher and human sciences researcher Dom Mazzetti, that would take away one of the basic human instincts - THE FEAR OF DEATH. We don't want that, now, do we?

I am playing the game on Ultra-Violence difficulty. It's supposed to be the "hard" difficulty, but it really feels like normal instead. Unfortunately, the difficulty levels in the game don't go up in proper steps - the next level, Nightmare, I'm not skilled enough to play, as everything kills you in 1 to 3 hits, and the game doesn't let you evade all the damage (which is not intentional and is a result of the way the battle arenas are designed, there aren't any hitscan enemies in the game). While I think I could be able to grind through Nightmare, given enough time, I think that this would not be enjoyable for anyone, so to Hell with that.

The game has a challenges mechanic. It is bad and annoying and the thread is free to rant about them, but I will get them all done for the sake of the completionism. Most of the time I will do it during the level proper, sometimes I will splice whatever I failed to do in the end of the appropriate video.

The game does have lore. Although it wants you to think that the story is not the focus, the 2016 incarnation of the Doomguy is the most fleshed out character out of all the Doomguys, and the story is just half-assed and entertaining enough to hold the game together. It is also better (much better) than the Doom 3 story, hilariously. So, that is also subject to discussion in the thread.

They will be in the second post in the form of screenshots.

The game gives a lot of information about the environments, guns, enemies etc. in the form of Codex entries. I will not be reading them in the videos. Instead, I will:
1) Open them up for 1-2 seconds in the videos, so whoever wants to read them can just pause the video;
2) Have the screenshots here in the thread.

I'll get them all.

Doom has Easter Eggs that reference to the previous Doom games, to other Bethesda games, and to general pop culture. Some of them in the game are not technically "secrets". I will show off what I know, but I can miss some of them. If that happens, feel free to yell at me and tell me where they are, so I end up showing them off in an extra video. Also note that I will not show most of them off in the LP proper and will instead compile them in a separate video at the end, so if you feel like I missed something, please PM me, as opposed to spoiling it in the thread.

1) Story, levels, easter eggs, bosses - no. Not even tagged. That said, feel free to wink and nudge.
2) Challenges and rune trials - feel free.
3) Regular enemies, guns, gameplay mechanics (i.e. the double jump) - keep them tagged.

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