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Part 2

I said sometime ago (read : centuries ago) that I would make a enemy list for Utnt.
So yeah, here it is ! Also Include Bosses and weapons. Tell me what you think about it!

It's not complete, because there are still enemies we have yet to see.
Also note that these guys here are the work of a community of people. Not just one person. Some of them are also used in multiple wads, like Zen Dynamics, Titan, or others.

The Baddies :

Dark Imps

These Dark Imps come in three different flavours, each with slightly different attacks. Faster, stronger, or homing, these guys bring some variety the standard imps doesn't provide.
Threat Assessment : Low.
While they are a little tougher and less predictable than normal imps, they are still easy to dispatch and shouldn't be considered a real threat.

Blood Demon

These guys are just armored demons, with twice the health and a nice death animation. Nothing else.
Threat Assessment : Low.
While their higher health could be an issue in very close quarter or -fast, there are never enough of them to surround you properly.

The Satyrs are a new enemy that isn't a sprite edit or recolor. That's their only reedeming feature : They are slow as fuck, so they will never have the chance to get in range in order to use their double strong melee attack. Even other monsters distance them, making them terrible infighters. They are that bad.
Threat Assessment :
The less threatening enemy in all of utnt. They are never placed anywhere where they could be dangerous, and are sometime placed where they can't even close on you. On -fast, they are slower than normal demons.

Enhanced Cacodemon
This Cacodemon recolor fire 3 fireballs at a time, but have less health than standard Cacodemons. Provides some variety.
Threat Assessment : Medium.
At close range, these guys can be very deadly, so watch out. Their high pain chance and their low-ish health makes them prime targets to kill. Take them out at a long range with the shotgun or short chaingun bursts.

Tortured Soul
This Pain Elemental sprite edit is a pretty interesting enemy, since it can deny terrain to you with it's poison cloud attack and will fill the place with even more clouds with it dies. Can also fire a fast poison fireball. Only two or three of these guys are present in the whole game.
Threat Assessment : Medium.
If you are careful and never step into the poison clouds, stay at a good range and be ready to dodge incoming poison fireball (these are fast!), you should be fine. Like always for this type of enemy, they have a high pain chance.

Railgun Arachnotron
This Arachnotron uses a railgun instead of the normal plasma gun. That's pretty much it.
Threat Assessment : Medium.
Don't stay in it's line of fire for too long, or you will get nailed by it's railgun shots. Pretty good infighter since it's shot will penetrate enemies.

Soul Harvester
A nice imp sprite edit who launch slow homing fireskulls. Tougher than your standard imp.
Threat Assessment :
While these guys doesn't deal that much damage, their homing shots are a pain in the ass and you can't dodge them like you do for Revenant shots. The only way to never get hit is to play peekaboo with them around a corner or some kind of cover. Oh god I hate these guys so hard.

Suicide Bomber
Threat Assessment : AaAAAaaAaAAaAaAAAAaAAA

Chaingun Major
Chaingunner variation, dealing much more damage and tougher.
Threat Assessment : High.
Much tougher than you think. Deal more damage than you think. Has a much lower pain change than you think. Should die in two Supershotgun shots.

RapidFire Zombie
Similar to a normal zombie, but fire continuously and at a faster rate.
Threat Assessment : Very Low.
While these guys shoot much more than their weaker brothers, they are still pretty harmless, and more likely to hit an ally and be raped in vengeance.

Railgun Zombie
Zombies using a Railgun, very distinguishable because of their Red color. May come with more or less powerful railguns.
Threat Assessment : Low-Medium.
Depending on the damage output of the zombie, they can be kinda harmless or a high priority target. There is no way to tell witch version they are though. Since they are very frail like most zombies, try to dispatch them as soon as you spot them. Sniping them with the Chaingun is pretty effective.

Rocket Zombie
Rocket Zombie. The end.
Threat Assessment : High.
Deals extreme damage for a mere zombie. While it can kill a lot of it's buddies due to friendly fire, you need to kill these guys asap. You can and will get a rocket in your back on Episode 2.

Plasma Zombie
Oh boy another zombie. This time with a plasmagun. It uses it in short bursts.
Threat Assessment : Medium.
Deals quite a lot of damage compared with the health it has. Watch out for blue zombies and kill them early.

Replace the Spider Mastermind legs with rocket boosters, and you have the Arachnophyte. It's weaker, hopefully.
Threat Assessment : High.
Will rip you to shreds if you don't pay attention. Standard pain chance, and high health for an hitscan enemy. May come in areas without cover, and ambush you due to it's flying ability.

Baron color edit from Skulltag. Tougher than a Baron, and fires faster.
Threat Assessment : High.
Since it fires series of 3 powerful projectiles very fast, very often, this guy is actually much more dangerous than a Baron or a Hell Knight. Especially when you don't have much room to move.

Orange Cacodemon. Faster projectile. More Health. Nothing else, move along.
I believe it also comes from Skulltag.
Threat Assessment : Medium.
Dodge it's slightly faster shots and shoot it until it dies. That's it.

Nice Baron variation. Flies, can fire standard fire projectiles, stronger Magma Bolts, or can deny the ground next to it and toward you by filling the place with fire. It's not immune to flame weapons though, I wish it was. It would make sense!
Threat Assessment : Medium.
Stay at a minimum distance, and you should be fine. Be sure to have a clear path to flee if at close quarters, or you will get caught in the ground fire attack.

Plasma Elemental
Another Pain Elemental sprite edit, using plasma attacks. These are very fast and very deadly. Projects even more plasma bolts on death.
Threat Assessment : High.
These guys are as much rare as Tortured Souls, but are actually more dangerous. Watch out for incoming plasma fire, and take cover when they die.

Black Imps who looks like they are pooping while they shot a continuous stream of small fireballs. Frail, but does some pretty good damage. Hard to discern at low sector light settings and/or in certain maps. Or if you don't use Opengl.
Threat Assessment : Low-Medium.
Not very dangerous at short range, but can deal a high amount of damage at long range and/or before you realise they are actually there.

Doom Trooper
A dead Doom Marine, who uses an hitscan attack close to the Rapidfire Zombie. Except it does 5 times more damage. Tougher than imps.
Threat Assessment : Medium.
They might not seems like a huge threat, but they actually do a fair load of damage. Do not underestimate these guys.

Hell Guard
Sprite from Heretic, and use new sprites for it's projectiles. Not that though, but fires a series of 4 projectiles that makes a distinct sound.
Threat Assessment : Medium.
While the Hell Guard attack is pretty strong, it is easy to kill compared to tougher enemies. Will also infight often because of it's attack.

Hell's Fury
Hey, yet another Baron sprite edit. This one has a pretty ugly face, whitch falls like a bowling ball when it dies. Pretty neat. Also has two attacks, one normal fireball attack and a triple homing skull attack. Also tough as a Baron.
Threat Assessment : High.
Their triple homing skull attack can wear you down easily if you don't pay attention. You would want to make them a high priority target, but they take a long time to kill. Strong enemy.

Hell Warrior
More original Baron variation. Not that though, but can block and use 2 different attacks, including one that penetrate enemies and yourself, and which makes them immune to damage like the shield block does when they take damage. Also looks like a Lion.
Threat Assessment :
The fact that these guys block and have a fair amount of health makes these enemies tricky to fight. Not to mention that they are jerk and will block/use their shield attack 90% of the time. Use strong "instant" hit weapons like the Supershotgun or the Rocket Launcher to defeat these guys. Do not move backwards if you get hit by their green balls, or you will take even more damage. They are pretty good infighters though.

Imp Warlord
The strongest variation of Imp ever seen. Can block, use multiple strong homing attacks, or even stronger set of projectiles. Can summon Bat or Dragon familiars to help him. Health is low compared to the firepower it has.
Threat Assessment : High.
Packs a very heavy firepower for a Imp-like enemy. Combined with the ability to block and use fast powerful homing projectiles, this guy is really a force to be reckoned with. Too bad it dies easily to a few rockets or Supershotgun shots though.

Lord of Heresy
Nice wings, but is a generic Baron edit otherwise. Can fire multiple baron shots at the same time. Also present in Titan.wad, where it uses a much stronger (and cooler) circle attack.
Threat Assessment : Medium.
Not that much more dangerous than a Baron. Nothing interesting to say about these guys.

Invisible Imps who are only revealed when close to you, and try to claw your face. Make a distinct sound when around. Impossible to hit them with blind fire.
Threat Assessment : Annoying.
These guys are very harmless, but will block your way and just be jerks. Good thing there aren't much of them to fight.

Pretty dangerous variation of lost souls. Deals high damage in melee, and I believe that they damage you when you attack them close or when they die. Not really sure, but it hurts.
Threat Assessment : High.
Do not let these enemies get close to you. You will regret it. Kill them at a safe distance, and be sure to dodge their charge.

Little demonic creatures using a fireball gun, who can spray little fireballs all over the place, and is quite hard to dodge. Has quite more health compared to an imp as well as firepower. Will drop a Thermal Detonator on death, which is invulnerable and will spawn a circle of fireballs after a few seconds.
Threat Assessment : Low-Medium.
Very annoying. Their attack will often hit you, they aren't as easy to kill as you might think, and these detonators are infuriating. Try to make them infight so you don't have to deal with them yourself. They might win against other monster pretty often though, because of pain chances.

Imp variation, is more resistant and fires a lot. They won't stop throwing fireballs at you with both of their hands. A little more resistant than standard imps as well.
Threat Assessment : Low-Medium.
You can take some damage from these guys if you don't pay attention, since they fire 10x more than normal imps do. They are still as frail though, so they are easy to dispatch.

Death Incarnate
Revenant-like enemies with a moderately powerful hitscan attack. They will revive after a little when when you kill them, and on their second death will release these spheres that will try to approach you and explode on your face.
Threat Assessment : Medium.
They've got an histcan attack and are tougher than usual hitscan enemies. Can sneak up on you if you don't really care to wait for them to revive, and these Hades Spheres hurt a lot if you get too close.

Stone Imp
These Imps made of stone are surely more resistant than normal Imps, but they don't have any ranged attack, and move slower. They may be punching hard, but that's never going to happen. Looks cool though, and your bullets will make puffs like if you were hitting a wall. Neat.
Threat Assessment : Very Low.
To resume how dangerous these guys are, I'll make a comparison : Worse than Satyrs. That's right.

Source Guardian
These are the protector of The Source. Can fire multiple sprays of fireball similar to the Catharsis, and can also throws thermal detonators at you. Those are very lethal on a direct hit. They can also use a flamethrower attack, witch has ridiculous range and will probably annihilate you if you don't move the fuck away. Will drop a Life Seed sphere on death, that restores 20-30 hp if you are under 100.
Threat Assessment : High.
Can be harmless or very dangerous, depending of their choice of actions. Their firebolts attack is damn weak, the thermal detonator are weak as well if you manage to not get hit by them as well, but their flame attack will end you in the matter of an instant. Blast them quick with your own flamethrower and focus on the source. Watch out for any of them flanking you close, but at long range, they aren't very dangerous.

Mario World Denizens
Things Living in the Mario world. Cute, and Invulnerable.
Threat Assessment :
If you get close to them, they will kill you in two hits, or even one if you aren't at full health.

Friendly Marines
Friendly marines, may come with different weapons, from fists to BFG. Very frail and will always die.
Threat Assessment :
I bet these guys will kill you with friendly fire more than one time in the first map of Episode4. They also kill themselves/their friends much more than they actually kill demons.

The Big Baddies :

Black and even fattier mancubi with more health, more damage. Can and will fire without warning unlike standard mancubi.
Threat Assessment : Very High.
Their very deadly attack, coupled with the big size of their projectile, and the fact that they don't need to warm up before they shoot makes these guys very very deadly. You can cheese them by staying at a fairly long range and not move, so the shots will go around you. They have a fairly high pain chance.

Bruiser Demon
The boss version of a Baron edit. Uses three different attacks : one strong fast fireball, a barrage of smaller fireballs, or a terrifying ground area attack that cover a lot of terrain, and goes through cover and heights. The name Bruiser Demon is a reference to the Bruiser Brothers, the Two Barons at the end of E1M8.
Threat Assessment : Extreme.
All of the Bruiser Demons attacks combined to the fact that you always have to fight more than one of them at the same time make them a Worth boss enemy. You need to stay at a decent range to avoid their fireball attacks and have a way out in case they use their ground attack. Since they will use it often, you will need to not get caught between more than one, or you're toast. Do not forget that this attack also ignore cover and heights. Try to have all of them being in the same direction to not get all the place covered in explosions.

Giant Spider
Giant ass Spiders. Fairly Slow, and behave like a Maulotaur in Heretic. Uses the same attacks, that being a Charge, a small volley of fireballs, and a ground flame trail attack (who can go up heights and ignore cover). Many little spiders will appear on death.
Threat Assessment : Very High.
Not as much as a threat than other bosses due to their slow speed and the battle location, the only real danger here is the flame trail attack, who can kill you in two hits even armored. The flame trails last fairly long in the ground as well, so do not get stuck between two of them. Try to use fast firing weapons to prevent them from firing multiple flame trails in a row.

The Source

The final boss from Utnt, this thing is protected by a forcefield that disappear when one of it's guardians dies. That's pretty retarded huh? Will try to attack you by making magma bolts rain, as well as rocks and activating the flame pillars that are scattered through the room. These pillars will also hurt the guardians, but will kill you very quickly.
Threat Assessment : Very High.
This fight is an "ok" boss fight, where you don't just have to "shoot at it until it dies" like usual. Dispatch one guardian quickly with your flamethrower or plasmagun than focus fire on The Source with your rocket launcher. Stay away from the sides of that room to avoid getting obliterated by the pillars, move away from other guardians, and watch out for raining stuff. You can try to get closer and use your BFG during weakness phases, but if you fall, it's instadeath, of course. Not too hard, but you can still die very quickly if you don't pay attention to your surroundings.

The Strongest enemy ever made. Has billions of hp and 30 different attacks. Each one will kill you in one hit.
Threat Assessment : Godlike.
Just Kidding.

The Tools of War :

This weapon is from Skulltag, and is a very good weapon to use your bullet stock. Very high rate of fire, burns through ammo faster than you can imagine. Use against high pain chance enemies.
One Word : Good.

An excellent weapon. The range is short of course, but the damage is awesome. Leaves flames on the ground that will continue to damage enemies and painlock them. Even a Baron falls within seconds to this weapon, if used properly. Fits good with the overall theme of Utnt.
One Word : Awesome!

A mighty weapon. Does absurd amounts of damage, capable of killing an Hectebus in one shot, or a big stack of enemies due to it's high area damage and spread fire when it hits. Burns througha full stock of gas in four shots. Only appears two times in the whole game though, so you will have very few occasions to use it. That's a shame, because this weapons makes you feels mighty, even more than the BFG does.
One Word : Underused.