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Part 1

The Stars of the Show : Shamelessly ripped from here, this list will expand as new weapons are found. New : Socker says.

The weapon 20-06B has at the beginning of Zen Dynamics, the machete is the only melee weapon in the game and is extremely effective in the right hands. The primary attack swings the sword, with the combo mechanic similar to Devil May Cry while the secondary attack reflects incoming projectiles. Pressing the primary attack button while blocking makes a powerful downwards slash.

Socker says : Excellent melee weapon. It's interesting to use and deals enough damage to be useful every now and then. If you can consistently pull off the super rapid stabbity stab attack then you can take down almost all sorts of monsters quickly without taking any damage yourself.
The only drawback as I can see it is that you can't RIP AND TEAR with a knife. STAB AND SKEWER is just not as cool.

.357 "Viper" Magnum
The Viper is a powerful Magnum pistol with a slow rate of fire that can hold a maximum of 6 .357 rounds at any one time. The primary attack fires a single shot with pinpoint accuracy, where as the secondary attack fires off all the loaded rounds at once with the spread varying on the amount of bullets fired. The Viper is dropped by Shotgun Guys, who are first found in Laboratory.

Socker says : This is one funky looking thing, you don't have the slightest idea of what to expect from it the first time you pick it up. You then proceed to turn a shotgun guy into a gaping pile of flesh, blood and bone in one shot.
High damage per shot, high accuracy, low rate of fire and low maximum ammo capacity. This is not a pistol, it's a sniper rifle. A sniper rifle with a shotgun blast as an alternate fire.
It does suffer greatly from it's drawbacks but if you want to snipe a chaingunner from the other side of the map, this is the gun to use.

12-Guage "Streetsweeper" Shotgun
A crank-action, drum loaded shotgun that is more powerful than the Viper but has a larger spread. Each Streetsweeper drum can hold 16 shotgun shells. The secondary cranks shells into the weapon, while the primary fire fires off all the currently cranked shells before cranking a shell into the weapon. A maximum of three shells can be cranked into the weapon at any one time. The Streetsweeper replaces the shotgun and is first found in Laboratory.

Socker says : And you thought the super shotty packed a punch. Load up three shells and kill barons in quick succession. Great for ambushing enemies when you have time to load up those extra shells, still very good when you don't have time to do that and light the demons up one buckshot at a time. I always run out of shotgun shells because of this gun.

"Zenroids" performance enhancers
Zenroids are a blue mixture of liquids that increase the strength when consumed (via the primary attack button), as well as fully healing them. Zenroids are found in small syringes, prepared for injection. These syringes can only be used once and 20-06B can only carry one at a time. The secondary attack of the Zenroids syringe is to slash the enemy with the needle which causes large amounts of damage, though the syringe is still usable after slashing. While active, the 20-06B's vision has a cyan tinge and his machete combos are different as well as more powerful. If 20-06B finds another set of Zenroids while under the effect of Zenroids, the slash is more powerful and the primary attack becomes a powerful, quick triple-stab using the syringe. Replaces the berserk pack.

Socker says : These drugs have been known to make you ten times as manly when consumed. Jacked up on this stuff you just never stop swinging that fucking knife. The rapid stab attack of old is put to shame immediately after you start your never ending chopping spree. It also puts you back to full health or whatever, if you have enough time to look at your health meter you're not swinging fast enough.
It really is a shame that your time as a god of war is limited to a minute or so.

"Zen-II" Sub-machine Gun
A fast, moderately powerful sub-machine gun. The Zen-II holds 30 standard bullets per magazine. The primary attack fires off bullets at 700 rounds per minute, while the secondary attack fires rounds in semi-automatic 3 round burst. Both modes have a short delay before the weapon can be fired again. Dropped by Chaingunners, first found in Urban Doom.

Socker says : Low damage, fast rate of fire, low magazine size, quick reload speed. I think you pressed the wrong button while trying to pick up your ChaosZero SMG. It's just so boring!

"Stinger" Assault Rifle
A powerful 5.56mm assault rifle with a moderately fast rate of fire. Each magazine holds 25 5.56mm bullets. The primary attack fires 5.56mm bullets at 425 rounds per minute, while the secondary attack fires a single, very powerful 40mm grenade that is heavily affected by gravity. First found in Urban Doom. Replaces the chaingun.

Socker says : Now this thing packs a punch. Both primary and secondary fire deals a great amount of damage, you don't even feel limited by it's 25 round magazine. The secondary fire grenades can kill revenants in one hit and are usually very good against bosses. The limiting factor is the amount of ammo you get for it. Sometimes I forget to use it because I'm so used to having next to no ammo left for it. If you're going to face down a big group of strong enemies, this is the gun to use.

"ChaosZero" Sub-machine Gun
A powerful sub-machine gun with a slower rate of fire than the Zen-II. ChaosZero magazines hold 25 standard rounds. The primary attack fires bullets at 525 rounds per minute, while the secondary fire semi-automatically ejects 5 bullets at once as flak that bounces off walls. Found only in the secret levels, Core Zero and Lost Station.

Socker says : It's a great upgrade from the Zen II SMG. The ammo is plentiful and the gun is strong enough to use against most enemies. It's a gun that will get used a lot and will perform quite well.

"Aeolus" Dual Plasma Sub-machine Guns
Only found in pairs, the Aeolus plasma sub-machine guns fire off small bursts of plasma at a high rate of fire. Aeolus cells hold enough power each for 30 bursts, which means a pair of Aeolus' hold 60 bursts worth of power. The primary attack fires off small plasma bursts from both weapons at a varying rate of fire while the secondary attack fires larger plasma bursts that uses three times the power of a standard from both weapons. First found in the Refinery. Replaces the chainsaw.

Socker says : A pair of decent guns you almost never run out of ammo for. Usable at close to medium range. They are a bit hampered by their long reload time and the fact that you can't always kill a Hell Knight by emptying your magazines in it. Good to use in low risk encounters and when you don't have a choice because all your fun guns are out of ammo.

"Orion" Fusion Cannon
The most powerful weapon in Zen Dynamics, the Orion is an experimental and very powerful weapon. The weapon uses highly-concentrated fusion cells as ammunition, which are extremely rare. The Orion can hold 15 fusion cells at any one time. The primary attack fires a high-velocity bouncing sphere of energy, devastating any living being it touches. The secondary attack launches an energy sphere for a short distance which then explodes into hundreds of miniature, bouncing spheres which are very effective at clearing out rooms of enemies. First found at the Refinery in a secret area and then again Shadowrun as a non-secret, replaces the BFG.

Socker says : You only get 15 shots for this worthless piece of junk. The firing modes are pretty cool but the damage is very lackluster for a weapon you only ever get 15 ammo for. Especially the secondary fire mode just wastes your ammo unless you are in a very special situation. The fact that it's not very good against dangerous enemies makes it a good but extremely expensive choice for killing imps and zombiemen.

"Sawtooth" Nail Projector
A slow automatic weapon that fires deadly spikes at enemies. The weapon is fed by chains of nails, which typically contain 20 nails. The primary attack fires single spikes at 350 spikes per minute, while the secondary attack takes 2 nails and fires a spread of 5 miniature nails per shot at a rate of 233 shots per minute. First found in the City of Dis, replaces the super shotgun.

Socker says: We're getting two heavy hitters this episode and this is the first one. This gun can take down an imp with just one shot, and you got 20 nails before you need to reload. It's great against bosses where you want to deal damage fast and then jump behind cover to avoid getting blasted, a good time to reload. Can be a bit tricky to use in narrow corridors, the nails tend to get stuck in the wall since the weapon is not centered on the screen in the normal firing mode.
Overall awesome gun, too bad you can't use it all the time.

"Scorcher" Flame Weapon
An extremely powerful fire-based weapon that can take down the most powerful of demons with relative ease. The weapon uses special charges as ammunition. A Scorcher charge contains enough energy for the weapon to fire 3 shots before needing replacing. The primary attack fires off an extremely powerful fireball that can, on occasion, kill a Baron of Hell with a single shot. The secondary attack launches a fire trail along the floor, seeking out enemies, causing heavy damage to the target before exploding, causing further damage. First found in Urban Doom, replaces the rocket launcher.

Socker says: Extremely powerful but unreliable weapon. Primary fire can deal amazing amounts of damage to single targets but for some reason the splash rarely seem to kill large groups. VERY good against bosses. I'll try to see if there's some kind of trick to aiming the secondary fire, but so far it seems useless.

10-Gauge "Egosmasher" Sawed-off Shotgun
A semi-automatic, double barreled, chain-fed shotgun. The Egosmasher is more powerful than the Streetsweeper and fires faster as well. However, Egosmasher chains only hold 8 shells at a time compared to the Streetsweepers 16 shell drum. The Egosmashers primary attack fires both the weapons barrels at once. However, the weapon has no secondary attack. The Egosmasher is first found in Shadowrun, the second Hell level.

Socker says: Finally we got the super shotty back, now with a bigger punch. It's a good gun but the big delay after you fire means it's mostly useful for dealing out finishing blows or hit and run tactics. It's not good at fighting many small enemies like lost souls and it fires too slow to stun enemies with high pain chance. But it's not like that shit matters when you're picking off revenants with one shot anyway.

The Ancient Bloodsphere
The Bloodshere is an ancient, sentient weapon that takes the users life force and converts it into power. The primary attack infuses the sphere with 5 health points and unleashes a torrent of bloody energy that bounces around, causing heavy damage to whatever it touches. The secondary attack infuses the sphere with 20 health points. The sphere is then thrown, causing the sphere to create an immensely powerful explosion, easily capable of killing the user should he get too close. After the weapon has explodes, the weapon has to be retrieved or it cannot be used again.

Socker says: These kind of weapons just never seem to be worth it. This is very true for the secondary fire. The primary fire mode on the other hand is quite good. A bit tricky to aim at long distances and also less effective due to how the barrage spreads out, so it's definitely more effective at close range. The unique firing arc can be useful at times but mostly you can just use it like you would use a shotgun.

Z-4 "Synthesis" Railgun
A very powerful and accurate slug-based weapon. The weapon uses specially treated uranium slugs as ammunition. The synthesis' magazine can hold 5 slugs at any one time. Primary attack fires off a high-velocity slug that tears through enemies, causing heavy damage. The secondary attack fires the slug even faster, though the wounds inflicted by the faster slugs tend not to be as severe as the slower ones. Only found in the Malebolge, replaces the Plasma Rifle.

Socker says: Phew, it was a railgun after all! I have one complaint with this weapon, why did I not get it sooner? It's extremely useful against fatties that take a lot of damage from it and against big groups of enemies. I guess the amount of ammo you can carry is not that great but that's not a problem on this map, there's ammo everywhere. It's not just powerful, it's a lot of fun to use too. You're constantly maneuvering around to get the best shot you can through the most enemies possible and it's so nice to nail an imp with the alternate fire from across the map.