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Part 1: Keep an eye on Cleo

This is thread about Doug's Big Game for Game Boy Color and Plumbers Don't Wear Ties for 3DO. Here are the updates:

Dear Journal,

I was really excited to see Patti today! She said she'd meet me in the park. She really gets my engines revvin'. Grrrumm rummm rummm. I went downtown to wait for her.

Doug: Yeah, I should find out what happened. Maybe she changed her mind! Maybe I got the parks mixed up and she's at Lucky Duck Park. Oh no!

Doug: We'd better start looking for Patti. I hope I didn't screw this up!

Then I went to ask that blue girl what the deal was because my dad always said that light-skinned blue people are usually pretty smart.

So I headed over to Lucky Duck Park to get to Swirly's. Yum yum. That's good ice cream.

Then I saw Fentruck. I wondered what that Yakistonian bro wanted with me.

I didn't have time for his foreign antics!! I needed to talk to the Skunkmeister. But first, I picked up a quarter. Quarters are cool because I can use them to call Skeeter when I get stuck. Unfortunately, I have a rare neurological disease which does not allow me to dial a phone number consistently. I probably won't reach even Skeeter unless I'm in a high stress situation.

And there he was! Skunky Beaumont. Surfer dude supreme and the key to finding Patti!

Skunky: Wait a minute--are you psycho, man? I just saw her. Ask Mr. Swirly to give you extra
Puffy n' Cream Sauce.

Doug: Where'd she go?

Skunky: Who, Patti? Oh, she left with Beebe, dude. This is really tasty, man!

Doug: Do you know where they went?

Skunky: No clue, man. Sorry.

What a burnout! His doob-addled brain was such a major bummer! I figured Skeet would know something so I went back outside to make a call.

Roger: You catch on quick, Funnie. What do YOU want?

Doug: Nothing from you. Bye, Roger.

What a jerkazoid! I was so mad at Roger and his dumb gay voice that I decided to go blow off some steam at the old Arcade. I headed to the mall.

First though, I decided to go to Racoon Records to check out the new Beets Greatest Hits CD.

I saw Connie Benge there. She's lookin' good since she lost the badonkadonk.

Connie: They're going to film part of the next Race Canyon movie right here in Bluffington!

Doug: Cool! Thanks for telling me. See you around.

I was kind of excited, but I was more concerned with finding Patti. Then Mom showed up out of nowhere. Way to kill my boner...

Theda: I need a new dress for the Deja vu Fundraising Gala, and Dirtbike keeps wandering off. This will only take a minute, I promise.

Doug: Just Behave yourself, Dirtbike. Dirtbike? Where are you? Aw, man! How could this be happening now? I bet Quailman never lost babies at the mall...

Then I had a full-on audiovisual hallucination:

click the picture below to see it:

When I woke up from my stupor I saw a baby on the floor.

Doug: Wait a second. You're not my sister. Great. Now I can't find Patti or Dirtbike.

Man this town is country as hell. I put the baby back on the floor and decided to head to the arcade like I was going to do in the first place before I was so rudely interrupted.

But lameness stuck again when Mom was there with Dirtbike! Bogus!

Mom: You should have looked in the fountain in the middle of the mall. That's where she was!

Doug: Sorry, Mom. Thank goodness you found her. Well, gotta run!

The mall doesn't even have a fountain. Jeez, mom. Dementia much? Whatevs. I couldn't enjoy the arcade while mom was chilling out there so I kept looking for Patti. I write you again later if anything new comes up

l8r sk8r,
Douglas Yancy Funnie

Note: To play along with today's episode get out your copy of Doug's Big Game for Game Boy Color and put in the password 713000C9.