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Part 2: Note: To play along with today's episode use password 51300BB2 on the title screen of your copy of Doug's Big Game.

Note: To play along with today's episode use password 51300BB2 on the title screen of your copy of Doug's Big Game.

Dear Journal,

I left the arcade to get away from my mom going buckwild on Sunset Riders and headed back to Racoon Records to see if Connie found any cool new tunes.

Doug: Hey, what's new?
Connie: Dink's totally excited about his new toy. You should go check it out.
Doug: New toy, huh? Maybe later. I'm kinda busy right now.
Connie: Is there anything I can do to help?
Doug: I guess. I'm trying to find Patti. Have you seen her?
Connie: Sure. I saw her talking to Mr. Dink earlier. Why don't you go to Mr. Dink's? He might be able to help you.

Whoa mama! Maybe Dink knew where Patti went to! I left the mall and headed back to the hood.

Mr. Dink was in his garage. As usual, it was filled with a ton of Sharper Image swag. He says he's a writer, but I think he's secretly dealing drugs to Bluffington's upper crust on the down low. Ever since his wife became mayor he's had even more expensive stuff laying around...

Mr. Dink: Douglas, come see my newest home safety device! Very expensive!
Doug: OK, but can you tell me if you know what Patti is doing today?
Mr. Dink: I just saw her. Now, take a look at this!
Doug: What did Patti say, Mr. Dink?
Mr. Dink: In a minute Doug. This is an Instant Fire Department Anti-Ignition Explosion Neutralizer Device! Watch!

Then in a cruel twist of irony, the very device which was supposed to prevent fires erupted in a fiery blaze! The air ignited with the smell of the flesh melting from Mr. Dink's wrinkled purple hands. I could tell by the horrified expression on his face that we were in deep caca.

Doug: Uh oh.
Mr. Dink: Oh no! The tragedy! Quick, Douglas! Call the Fire Department! And find someone who can help! Hurry!
Doug: Sure, Mr. Dink! You stay here and keep the fire from spreading to other mine! Too bad Quailman isn't here right now. He could take care of this mess in a hurry...

It was a bizarre non sequitur, but saying Quailman out loud was all it took to trigger my seizures again...

click below to see Doug's fever dream

I awoke to find myself back in Dink's garage convulsing on the floor.

He was right. I had to hurry and find help! The entire place was alight in a twisted holocaust!

Since this was a life and death situation, my first reaction was to call Skeeter to see what he had any protips for me.

Doug: Skeeter! I've got a big problem. Mr. Dink's new toy exploded! What should we do!
Skeeter: Why don't you find Al and Moo! There's a good chance they made that thing for Mr. Dink.
Doug: Where would they be?
Skeeter: I'd try the Moody School lab first.
Doug: Yeah. Thanks, Skeeter!

What a neat idea! I headed downtown to go to the Moody School. But I was accosted by the blue girl.

Blue Girl: Hey, how are you, Doug?
Doug: Good. I'd stop and chat, but I gotta go.

Jeez Louise. Girls always be on my jock. But there's only one sweet tangerine for me...

I headed north and went over to Moody. The Sleech Twins were there getting their science on. I still can't believe they got to skip to high school and chose a weirdo place like Moody.

They kind of just stood there doing nothing so I talked to them again.

I had no idea what kind of weird stuff they were up to but I left and went back to Dink's lab anyway. His hands had been reduced to nubs while the inferno burned on. Al had somehow made it there before me, but he was hiding behind a box.

The two dorks could only stand paralyzed in fear. I heroically raced back to Moody. Moo apparently had taken off to parts unknown. What a jabroni! Luckily, he left out the part I needed on the floor.

I ran back to the smoldering remains of Mr. Dink's garage, crazy gizmo in hand.

I'd saved his life and he gave me jack shit. Al had suddenly disappeared, too. What a waste of time! They say never to trust purple people around high tech gadgets. Hell, I'm only a quarter purple and I'm clumsy as hell! Oh well, back to the job at hand. I gotta find my polka-dotted Dixie Angel.