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Part 4: Aug 7th Speedrun Contest - Get stuff to beam to aliens

Do have what it takes to make the ultimate Doug's Big Game Speedrun? Do you want a free forums upgrade? Do you have free time and the ability to record Game Boy Color games?

Record yourself playing the mission "Get Stuff to Beam to Aliens" as fast as possible. To play the mission, put in the password H13003BH on the title screen. Upload it to a video sharing site and post it in this thread.

I want to see you typing in the password on the screen in your video. The time on the speedrun starts when the initial screen of Doug standing in his neighborhood loads and ends when Porkchop's Judgement screen comes up.

EDIT: Game audio is not required, but will be considered a plus in the case of a tiebreaker.

Here is a casual playthrough of the level:

Here are a few protips to help you get started:

1. You can talk to anyone to initiate the mission.
2. This mission does not require you to talk to anyone except The Sleeches and Mr. Swirly.
3. I will give you extra consideration if you beat Quailman vs. The Alien Invasion without getting hit.

The contest ends next Thursday Aug 7th so get Dougging!