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Original Thread: Our Chief Weapon is Surprise! Let's Play Dragon Age Inquisition



The Game
Inquisition is the third installment in the (sometimes) critically-acclaimed RPG from BIoware. It was released November 18th, 2014 to mostly positive reviews. Sales have been good, but not exceptional. This is possibly due to the overhyped shitshow that was DA2. Confession time: I had never played DA until a couple of weeks before Inquisition was released. Since I had heard nothing but terrible things about DA2 I went in with low expectations and found it to be an alright game, albeit one that fell apart in the third act. In playing the games back-to-back, I found I liked Origins' story more, but there were some improvements to combat in 2, and the rivalry system was a great change over the approve/disapprove system in the first. Inquisition also uses an approval system, but this time there's no bar to tell you how you're doing with people. Instead your companions will let you know how they feel about you through dialogue. Like the first game it's possible to piss people off so much that they leave.

The game itself is an action-RPG. Don't expect the high level of tactics used in the first two games. In fact, the if/then commands in previous entries are gone completely. You can set behaviors in that you'll designate whether a character prefers or doesn't even use a power, how much stamina they keep in reserve, how many of your healing potions they can uselessly quaff, and whether they follow or defend a particular squadmate. Combat is still fun, but you won't be spending much time using the tactical camera.

Instead of being stuck playing a human, you get to select your race. There are humans. elves and dwarves like Origins, but now they've added Qunari as playable. Also you can only choose 1 specialization. You can respec from say, two-handed warrior to sword and shield, but once your specialization is chosen you can't go back. Respeccing is done via a purchasable item and they're cheap, so if you decide you don't like your build it's easy to fix.

Crafting was added. The interface is kinda terrible, but you can make some really overpowered weapons and once you unlock the ability to create masterworks you can pretty much break the game over your knee. Of course we will be doing this.

What's Going on Here?
Inquisition picks up after DA2. Fucking Anders blew up the Chantry in Kirkwall, which set off a war between mages and Templars. The fighting spilled over into the rest of Thedas making life generally unpleasant for the general populace. People on both sides decided it would be more fun to run around indiscriminately killing, burning, and looting. After a few months of this the head of the Chantry, Divine Justinia, calls for a Conclave in order to bring the factions together and try to broker peace. Your character is in attendance at the Conclave and this is where the game begins.

The Characters
If there's one thing Bioware does well, it's characters. The cast in DAI is quite large, with nine companions and three advisors. Each one of them has their own personality, backstory, and struggles. You start off with three and unlock more as the story progresses. Some of your new friends will get along fine. Some of them hate each other. Probably the best dialogue in the game comes from random banter your party will engage in while you are out in the field. And there is a lot of it. I don't know what poor bastards had to code it all, but they deserve a medal. Using some kind of voodoo magic scripting, the more you take people out together the more they'll warm to each other. At least to an extent, anyway. Some of them may even end up dating if they're not involved with the Inquisitor! Since this stuff is random there's a good chance I'll miss more than I catch, but there are a lot of videos out there if you want to hear some of it. Also there is a (not)bug where sometimes dialogue doesn't trigger properly and you can go a long time with no chatter. This was supposedly fixed with a patch but in some cases it broke it further. Oh, Bioware.

The Inquisitor: This is you, the player character. What you were doing before you got yourself into this mess depends on your choice of race at character creation. After, well, the differences are just academic. You find yourself in a bit of trouble and what starts off as you trying to save your ass snowballs into something much bigger.

Cassandra Pentaghast: Cassandra returns from DA2. She still does not have time for your shit (or anyone else's for that matter). However, since you get to spend time with her outside of cutscenes you soon learn that she's actually a sane person who is willing to admit error and change her views on things. As a matter of fact, she's probably my favorite BIoware companion. Just don't ask her about her hobbies. Starts off as a sword and board tank.

Varric Tethras: Another returning character, and probably the one thing everyone liked in DA2. He's still a smartass and still has that fancy crossbow. No, he won't tell you about it. Writes books when not stirring shit up in Kirkwall. He's an archer rogue for some range in combat.

Solas: An apostate Elven mage. He's spent most of his life studying the Fade, which is the dream realm where demons and spirits live. He seems to be the only one that has any idea about what is happening. Likes: spirits, questions, and freedom. Dislikes: authority, subjugation, and tea.

Leliana: A former Bard and possibly dead person. Leliana was a major character in DA:O and is our spymaster. She is a bit stabby so try not to piss her off too badly. We can't take her out in the field with us.

Cullen: Cullen will be leading our army. He was also in the first two games. Much less now as far as mages go. Also he finally got some decent hair.

Josephine: The Inquisition's ambassador. Got suckered into the job by Leliana. A good resource when we don't want to use murder to solve a problem. Don't play cards with her.

Vivienne: Official Court Enchanter of the Orlesian Empire. Her nickname is the Iron Lady, that should tell you about her personality. Really set on getting all those mages herded back into the Circles. May rearrange the furniture.

Sera: Free-spirited or brain damaged? Nobody knows! Notable for being the only companion you can tell to at any time. Probably has the best dialogue, though. Also gives you bees.

(The) Iron Bull: A gigantic horned man with one eye. Likes getting shitfaced, fighting dragons, and will bang anyone. What else do you need to know?

Blackwall: A Grey Warden with a magnificent beard. Will tank for food.

Dorian Pavus: A fabulous mage from Tevinter. Unlike his countrymen, he isn't a fascist and doesn't care for blood magic.

Cole A demon spirit who sometimes helps people by stabbing them. Fun to take along because he freaks out your companions and tells all their secrets.

How will you be playing the game?
I'm doing this run as an all-around generally nice person. From time to time I'll mix it up for flavor, but I'll be friendly with my squadmates. Once we have more squadmates available I'll take suggestions for party make-up on missions. Note that the game world is fucking huge and a lot of it will be dead space. In order to spare you hours of video of me running around picking up rocks I'll stick to story missions and the more interesting sidequests. If I happen to catch some interesting dialogue I'll try to work it in somewhere. Same with bugs. It wouldn't be a Bioware game without some hilarious unexpected fuckups.

We're playing as a dual-wield rogue elf. I like the quick combat style and two weapons gives us an extra slot for masterworks, and while every race gets specific dialogue, elves get a bit more.

I hear you can fuck date people?
Of course, what would a Bioware game be without workplace harassment and awkward pixel sex? In this run through, however, I will only hit on people I can't actually romance since the game lets you do that.

We're done, talk about whatever!


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SubponticatePoster posted:

Guys she's not evil, she's a sweet kitty and has only told me to kill like 6 people and HAIL SATAN

NullBlack posted:

Here's a bunch of stuff that people may like to see. Either we didn't do it (romances) or alternate endings.

All of the companion banter from the game. This video is 5 hours long. I told you there was a shitton of it.



Cassandra: for boobies


Dorian: for man ass

Iron Bull (male): it's pretty much identical with a lady Inquisitor except you see titties.

Josephine (female): Note the intro is annoying as fuck but just the first 20 seconds or so

Sera: still more boobies


All the different options from FuzzyNinjaLlama. If you want DA videos they are great, no obnoxious commentary and FNL is a completionist.
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