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Part 3: Knock knock knockin' on Haven's door

Knock knock knockin' on Haven's door
This is Haven, our base of operations. It's where we were in jail. If you played Origins, Haven was the village outside the Temple of Sacred Ashes where the weird dragon cult lived. Once the Hero of Ferelden cleared the place out the Chantry moved in and set up a holy site. I'm not sure how this works if you peed in the Urn and ganked Brother Genitivi, but here we are. Pilgrims came here to see the Temple and ostensibly do other religiousy things like pray, buy cheap souvenirs, and get street cred with fellow Andrastians. It's rather rustic but all in all not too bad.

It's a fairly big area, though really only the settled part is used. You can find basic crafting materials lying around like elfroot and iron. There are also some critters running about who can be murdered for leather. There are lots of cabins though most contain nothing of interest. In addition we have an apothecary and a smithy where we can craft and upgrade potions and weapons/armor. Each of your squadmates has a place where they'll hang out and as we recruit more of them the place will get pretty full. I wish they'd taken a cue from Mass Effect 3 and had them move around and interact with each other but they don't. We'll be returning here fairly frequently to offload loot, advance the plot, and catch up with our companions.