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Part 8: Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Where we collect all the Pokemon we unlocked in the last video. I swap them in in the order we get them, except for Blackwall's, because you always want one of each in your party. This is because there are certain things that can only be done by that class. Warriors bash walls, rogues pick locks, and mages work magic thingies. The 4th slot can be filled by whatever, depending on mood or enemy type. Personally I usually have 2 rogues, 1 ranged and 1 melee. Sometimes when fighting heinous shit I'll have 2 warriors and even then it'll depend on whether I want tanks or DPS.

Vivienne is exactly the sort of person you'd expect to do well in the Orlesian imperial court - she's ambitious, crafty, and has mastered the art of using "my dear" and "darling" as insults. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement for us though, as she has a lot of connections for us to exploit and she is now in a position to influence Inquisition policy re: mages. If she likes you she'll fuss over you like a mother hen. God help you if she doesn't.

Sera is...uh, Sera. A lot of people hate her and I don't really blame them even though I don't mind her personally. I usually treat her as if she's my younger sister with ADD who was dropped on her head a few times as a child and kept in a playpen covered in lead-based paint. She means well even if she doesn't think things through. Having been born in an Elven alienage, she doesn't like nobles at all. Or elves, for that matter.

Iron Bull is a giant fuckoff Qunari who likes to drink and fight. He's a member of the Ben Hassrath, the Qunari's version of the secret police. He's also pretty good at his job, enough to realize that his cover would be blown sooner or later so he fesses up right away. In spite of his uncivilized appearance he's a tactician and thinker. His company, the Bull's Chargers come as part of the package, and depending on choices you make further in the game can be sent out on War Table missions. If Krem sounds familiar to you, well that's Jennifer Hale - FemShep to ME fans and a prolific VA in vidyagames everywhere.

Blackwall is a Grey Warden. If you have never played a DA game, they are kind of a big deal. Every few hundred years a thing called a Blight happens. This is where mutant zombie creatures dig up a sleeping god and unleash hell on the surface. Only Grey Wardens can kill an Archdemon (aforementioned exhumed god). When there's no Blight happening they pretty much mind their own business. Like most Grey Wardens, Blackwall isn't flashy and is of the honorable sort so with no Blight going on he mostly runs around doing good deeds under the guise of Grey Wardening.

A few notes on party composition: we have a pretty full stable now so I'll be able to switch up parties a lot more. I'll take the new kids out for a spin for a couple of videos so you can see how they do. Party effectiveness isn't impacted at all by how they get along personally. For example, Viv and Sera hate each other's fucking guts, which is understandable given their personalities, but they'll never fuck up a mission because of it. Taking new people out together gets you that sweet sweet party banter which is some of the funniest shit in the game (and the most revealing).